Monday, September 29, 2014

Braided Patches Tissue Holder Tutorial


I know there are tons of free tissue holder patterns and tutorials available on the web and I don't claim to be the originator of the concept.  In fact, what I'm about to share with you has probably already been created by multitudes of creative people out there already!  Oh well....all I want to do is share a quick and easy (and inexpensive) project that will make adorable gifts for co-workers, church groups, fellow quilters, friends and family.

Supplies Needed:

From Focal Fabric cut 3 rectangles that measure 4" x 5 3/4" each
From Contrasting Fabric cut 2 squares that measure 4" x 4"

Next take 2 of the rectangles and both squares, fold in half like you would when making binding....leaving right side of fabric on the outside of fold.  Press......

Now your 5 pieces should look like this....

Lay the untouched rectangle of Focal fabric RIGHT SIDE UP on work surface.

Then place both folded and pressed rectangles on top, one on upper half of bottom rectangle and one on lower half with the FOLDED SIDES TOUCHING IN THE CENTER....

Now the fun one of the folded contrasting squares on the left side with FOLDED EDGE FACING CENTER.  Gently lift the top folded rectangle and place upper end of contrast square underneath. Leave bottom half of folded contrast square ON TOP of bottom folded rectangle.

Now place second folded contrast square on the right side with FOLDED EDGE FACING CENTER. This time gently lift the lower rectangle and place the bottom half of the contrast square underneath.  Leave top half of folded contrast square ON TOP of upper folded rectangle.....

Your project should look like this.....a picture is worth a thousand words isn't it?  :)

Now pin everything together.  I would suggest a pin in all 4 corners.

Using a 1/4" seam, sew completely around all four sides.  I decided to sew it TWICE around to make sure the seams were nice and strong.....

Remove pins and turn inside out.....

The back side....

I bought Kleenex brand portable packs of tissue....(wow...didn't realize how expensive they are now...about .50 cents each).

They fit perfectly...just remember to place them inside you tissue cover with the opening flap facing up!  (I did the first one wrong and had to put it back in a second time.)

Of course, once I started making them I couldn't stop.  I pulled out a box of my larger scraps and started cutting the needed pieces and stacking them in sets....

Before I knew it....

Special ones just for my daughters....die-hard Pittsburgh Steeler Fans just like their Daddy.....

Use your scraps and make one, or a few....I have no doubt that everyone will LOVE them.  They really are very cute. :)

UPDATE:  Just an hour or so after posting this tutorial, I received a photo from a friend/reader showing her finished tissue holder.  Isn't it cute?  She did an awesome job!  Way to go Gen!

Until next time!


  1. Thank you! Looks easy enough. I can see myself doing exactly what you did by making a bunch of them. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Glad you like them Kathy. If you do make some, send a picture and I will add it to the blog like the one Gen made. Have fun!

  2. Thank you for this tutorial! I received one as a Christmas gift a few years ago, and this year I decided to try making some. They turned out great! :)

  3. Hi, where do you buy the kleenex with the opening on the top and not the end?

  4. LOVE the Steeler one! Thanks for sharing this!

  5. Thanks for sharing. I was looking for little gifts to give everyone in the office for Christmas this year. I think I found it...❤