Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Babies + Halloween = PRECIOUS

Meet Little Miss Ava Jean!!!!!
Less than two weeks before we took our youngest daughter to college 12 hours away.  This precious little one was born....on August 6, 2016.  I probably should have introduced her much earlier.

Ava Jean entered my life just at the right time!  I can honestly say that she has kept me from going insane now that we are "empty nesters" and my house is much too quiet.

I'm not comfortable being alone.  Having been a homeschool mom for the past 20 years has left me more comfortable in chaos versus complete silence.  (Not that having a day or two here and there to myself is a bad thing.)

A picture to remember her two month birthday!  Isn't she precious!!!!!

I think all I've done is transfer my energy from my own daughters to this little one.  This is a new little person that gives me an excuse to make cutesy, little adorable things. :) :)

Both of her parents wore little white bunny rabbit costumes for their first Halloweens and were having difficulty finding a white bunny costume for Ava Jean. 

Oh NO!!!  I couldn't let that happen!  Google is a wonderful thing!  After only a few minutes of web browsing, I stumbled upon a few patterns for these two pieces.........

Bunny Hat and front of diaper cover......

Now the backside of the diaper cover!!!!
TA DA!!!!!  Come on....you have to admit that this is adorable!!!!!

The Bunny Hat crochet pattern can be found here:   http://www.repeatcrafterme.com/2013/01/crochet-bunny-hat-pattern.html

The diaper cover crochet pattern can be found here: http://flowerscreations.blogspot.com/2012/05/free-diaper-cover-pattern.html

Such a happy little Bunny!

It was chilly here in New York last night and her parents were not really taking her door to door for candy...just visiting friends, etc.

They got her a long sleeved white onesie and a pair of white fleece pants.  She wore the crocheted diaper cover on top of the white pants.

Prior to dressing up, the poor little baby was placed inside a carved pumpkin for more photos....bless her heart! :) :) :)

When she was first born, I made her this.....I know they shared a photo with me of her wearing it, but I can't find it right now. :(

Then to celebrate her one month birthday....I made her this little onesie.  (The quilt she happens to be laying on is one I made and gave her as well.)

I thought she needed a crocheted baby afghan......

And a matching hat.....

Now don't tell me that you wouldn't do the same thing if this adorable little princess lived near you!!! :) :) :)

I'm in love!!!!!  I'm sure you can understand!

I'm so thankful that even through the storms and dark times we all must travel now and then, God always brings us a ray of sunshine to make the load a little lighter!!!!

More quilt related postings next time....I just couldn't resist showing off this little angel today.

Until later....keep warm...and keep quilting (and a little crochet is okay too)!!!