Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Amanda's Kitchen Before & After

Let me explain from the beginning that Amanda is not completely finished with her kitchen yet...she still has plans to remove the old wallpaper and paint...and paint over any remaining paneling.

BUT....I just had to show you what a HUGE difference simply painting the cabinets made to this once little dark kitchen.

The kitchen "before"....

Amanda admits that painting kitchen cabinets is not an easy job....very time consuming to get it right.  She painted inside and out.  She even painted the hardware!

The kitchen "after"......

Do you spot the pineapple salt & pepper shakers in the
bottom right corner of the photo?  Another gift from her little
sister Kirsten.  They now have a little joke between them about "pineapples".
I foresee many future years of Kirsten slowly adding funny
pineapple items to Amanda's home. :) 

She isn't sure if she plans to tackle the walls soon or wait until she isn't hanging things on the walls until she finishes or decides to wait.  Plus...she still has the two bedrooms that she is currently working on.  I believe she plans to save the bathroom as her last project as it surprisingly needs the least amount of work.

She is having so much fun settling into "living on her own".  She is planning meals (has already hosted one dinner party).  She is clipping coupons and planning her grocery lists.  She loves fresh flowers (as you can see in the photo).  She even called me to let me know that she had paid all of her first bills....that excitement will wear off soon I'm sure! LOL

On a serious note....she genuinely seems at peace and content with her life, happy and excited to see what each new day brings.  What more could a mom hope for her child? be young again!! :) :) :) :) :) :)

Monday, September 24, 2012

Amanda's Study/Hobby Room Before & After

Amanda's little home has a room that is technically the "dining room"....but since there is room in the kitchen to place a small table and chair set she has decided to make this little room her study/hobby (scrapbooking) room.

Here it is "before".......

She painted the paneling on the bottom portion of the walls white....and the top section a dark, beautiful teal....

Here it is "Now".....

She has plans to paint the desk and bookshelves "white" later.

Another angle....

I found this ship for her in a little antique shop in the village.
Kirsten gave her the pineapple...begrudgingly...after she
bought it and brought it home she decided she liked it herself. :)
One last angle.....

Photo taken from the kitchen looking toward the
front living room.
Until next time....

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Amanda's Living Room Before & After

Here are two photos taken of Amanda's living room BEFORE she started working on it......

Looking at front door - photo taken from staircase leading to bedrooms.

Brown paneling everywhere.......

Looking at coat closet,
on the right -stairs leading to bedrooms
and to the left - entry into study/hobby room.
Now......results of having imagination, vision and a gallon of paint! :) :)

Isn't it precious?  She still isn't finished....but it's well underway.  I believe she is planning to paint/stain the tables a lighter driftwood color and do a frosted glass project to the glass top of the coffee table.  She still has artwork to hang, etc.  Do you see my grand-dogger in the floor....wearing her new pumpkin costume! :)

Another angle....her daddy found the ship artwork at one of the many auctions he now attends.  He also got her the ship wheel (or whatever you call it) hanging on the wall in the other photo from another auction.  The pillows are the set I made....the afghan is one I crocheted for her about 8 or so years ago.  (As of yesterday, she came over and "claimed" a new afghan in ocean blues that I had recently finished and I think she plans to return the pink one to her bedroom....maybe?)  The sofa and love seat are from my front living room....which is now void of furniture. LOL  Once she painted the walls and started placing furniture (and realizing just how small the room truly is)....she batted her puppy dog eyes my way and asked sweetly if she could have my smaller scaled white leather furniture.

Her coffee table and end tables are from a garage sale and the lamps she found at another garage sale for next to nothing.

Across from the sofa is our old big t.v.....which she requested/begged to use....:)  Don't pay attention to the boxes of mini-blinds waiting to be hung...or the extra lamps she is trying to figure out if she will need somewhere in the house.  Remember....she isn't finished completely....but it's getting there! :) :)

The color of her walls are truly an aqua/turquoise...but depending on where you stand and how the sun is coming through....sometimes the walls look more greenish blue.  Either's still beautiful!! :) :)

I'm proud of her and think her "little beach cottage (up North)" is adorable!  I'll reveal another room in a future blog post. :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sewing Rooms and Quilt Tops, Oh My!

Amanda ALMOST has all of her stuff moved out of her room and into her own place....which means the reality of me having a true blue dedicated sewing room of my very own is soon happening.

All of the girls came home Sunday for dinner and the Steeler game that evening.  Emily looked in the almost empty room and asked if I was planning to paint the walls or leave them that awful, disgusting bright yellow that we allowed Amanda to use several years ago.  LOLOL  Do you really think I'm going to the trouble of painting the walls at this point?  I think NOT!  Yellow (although it IS a very bright shade of yellow) makes me happy. :)

Too bad Pittsburgh didn't win that night...... :(

Oh well...time to change the subject back to important topics....QUILTS!!!! :)

I finally finished all the blocks needed for the quilt that was started during the workshop I attended back in July.......45 Puss In Boots blocks and 45 Hourglass Stars blocks....

I've had them finished for a week or so but couldn't figure out where I was going to find enough space to start laying them out and deciding what order I wanted them to be.....until I started vacuuming my new sewing room floor.....hhhuuummmmmm......

You have no idea how long this took....trying to make sure that blocks were not placed next to blocks with the same fabrics the wear and tear on my aching back!!!  I literally would lay down one row of blocks and then have to wait an hour before working on the next one. :) :)

I thought the difficult part would be getting the blocks placed in an acceptable order to sew together....NO....the hard part was then deciding what fabric I would use as a border AROUND these 90 - 8 1/2 inch quilt blocks!!!!

There is to be a narrow border around the entire 90 center blocks.... there will be an additional border that is made up of 4 1/2 inch hourglass blocks....then I will possibly place one last border (using the same fabric as the first narrow border) to complete the quilt.

Deciding which fabric to use took 2 days to decide.....I would walk into the room, then walk around the quilt and concentrate on what fabric looked best.  I sent photos over the phone to my friend Marianne for her opinion.  I had each family member give me their opinion.

The winning fabric....miraculously by a unanimous vote is:

What a I can get everything off the floor and start moving my sewing stuff in.....I'm started to suffer from "sewing withdrawals!"  LOL

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Amanda's New Home

It's official.....Amanda spent her first night in her first "home of her own" last night.  I spent the day yesterday crying off and on. :)  I'm very proud of her, and I remember how exciting it was to move out on my own for the first time....but it's still hard on a mama's heart to see her little chicks move out.

Thank goodness she is only 3.6 miles away!! LOLOL  Yes....I set my odometer to see exactly how far it was from my driveway to her driveway!!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOL

She still has lots to do to the inside before she is ready to reveal all of her hard work....but I can go ahead and share some photos of the outside.

This photo was taken from down the street to show the side of the house.  She doesn't have a neighbor on this side....but the house on the other side is very close. :)

Here is her back porch.....

There are street lights all around.....side walks for walking her dog....she is in an established, safe part of town....and the police department AND the fire department are only 1 block away!  I think she is going to be okay.  There is even a nice, little family owned grocery store a short walk behind her....her property line backs up to a church parking lot. ;)

She is thrilled with it and so excited.  It has 2 bedrooms upstairs, and downstairs she has her living room, dining room (she has turned it into a study with desk and bookshelves), eat-in kitchen and bathroom.  She also has a cellar/basement.

It's small, (approx. 1,000 heated square feet), but I think it's perfect for her.  I believe it was built in 1890.  Amanda thinks it's cool that horse-drawn buggies were driven down the street when it was built. It's fun to imagine all the history to the home.  If walls could speak!! :) :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I've Rubbed Off On My Mom

I'm so proud of my Mom!  It's kind of funny that she was never a "quilter" even though she is an excellent seamstress and even sewed professionally years ago.  She specializes in fancy, over the top pageant gowns, wedding gowns, etc.....but never spent much time doing simple things like making quilts.  But it looks like I am rubbing off on her!! LOLOL

This 9-Patch quilt she made is completely from leftover scraps of fabrics over the years.  You may not be able to tell from the photo....but it is draped over a Queen sized bed.....and it is dragging the floor all around!!!!!!  It should fit their King sized bed wonderfully and still have lots hanging over. :) :)

Mom and I have always joked about all of our "UFO's" (unfinished objects) around our homes.  I've been doing my best over the past couple of years to change my wicked ways and to actually FINISH my projects....and I must admit that I'm quite proud of myself.  Mom said that I have inspired her (LOL) and so she pulled this 9-Patch out and finished it.

You also may notice that she "tied" the quilt rather than "quilt" it.  Mom really has no desire to do any actual hand or machine quilting....but that's okay because "tying" gets the job done just as well.

I asked if I could have this one....but no....this one she has been promising to Dad....and he won't give it up! :) :)

Here is a photo showing the fabric she used for the back.....

Way to go Mom!!!! I get the next one????   Please???????  :) :) :) :)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Flying Geese Wallhanging

I've been keeping busy (translation - whenever I have a few minutes in between other chores, I sit down and sew.)  I'm not sure what is happening, but some days "blogger" does not allow me to upload photos and share new I'm behind on my posts.  I'm now playing "catch up"....

I pulled out my stash of 2 1/2 inch strips....

Here is a new wallhanging/table runner that I made using about 13 strips from my stash....

This is a variation of a "Flying Geese" block.  It's supposed to look like a flock of geese heading some where.  I purposely used a cheddar orange fabric as my "geese" and also used the same fabric as my binding.  I originally thought about naming this piece "Homeward Bound"....but the orange reminds me of my home state of I think I'm going to call this piece "Tennessee Bound" instead. :) :)

I plan to hang this on the wall in my bedroom once I finish the quilt that was started during the workshop I attended in July.  These same fabrics were used in my quilt top.

Before I put away the scraps....I cut the odds and ends I had left over into 2 1/2" are the "bonus" squares I ended up stored and labeled for any future project that needs that size squares.

Hopefully, "blogger" will allow me to continue tomorrow with a new "catch-up" post.....see you next time!