Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Trunk Show Inspiration Part 2

Hope you enjoyed yesterday's post...and are now ready to see more.

The drooling continues as Bonnie Hunter continued to pull out more and more quilts she has designed and quilted herself.  This lady is AMAZING.  By the way, she is only one year older than I am and I'm trying to figure out how she is able to accomplish so much and I can't!! :):)

Just take a look at these quilts.......

Hawk's Nest from her book: Scraps & Shirttails II
Don't you just love those pops of orange cheddar?  Whenever I see orange....I think of my home state of Tennessee! :)

Rectangle Wrangle from her book: Scraps & Shirttails II
I foresee starting this design in my near future....diamond rectangles surrounded by an Ohio Star border....of course, I want to make them ALL!!!

Zuckerwatte (aka Cotton Candy) from her book: String Fling
As soon as I saw all of this pink starting to unfold, I couldn't help but think of my dear friend Lisa.  I think if I ever had the spare time (yeah, right) to make this for her...I'd have to name it "Barbie Mania".

Normally, we just think of the front/top of our quilts....but I just had to show you what the back of the pink quilt looks like.  Bonnie explained that she used up a stack of her extra, odd quilt blocks that she has accomulated over the years to make the backing.....can you believe this....I just about fell out of my chair when the ladies turned this quilt around....

Back side of pink quilt called Zuckerwatte
I'm actually sitting here at my computer with my mouth hanging open just looking at the picture again!!

Jamestown Landing from her book: String Fling
Blues and beiges look so calm together.  I wonder why I don't really have any blues in my stash of fabrics?  Could it be that I'm not accustomed to "calm"! :) :)

Santa Fe String Star from her book: String Fling
From calm to WILD!  Now this is more descriptive of my life!!!  Dark orange, multi-scrap chaos!! :)

Blue Skies from her book: String Fling
Now we're back to calm again.  I must say...I REALLY love yellows....and this yellow and blue really reaches out to me.

This next and last photo for today's post is a quilt top that Bonnie shared with the group that is still a work in progress.  This is something that she keeps in her bag and works on as she flies from workshop to workshop, etc....completely done by hand.  She has already been working on it for several years and now has only the bottom section left to complete. 

Once again my mouth dropped open...but at the same time my head was thinking.... "Ain't no way!!!  Ain't no way!!!! Ain't no way!!!!"

Hand-sewn Hexies in progress
Here it is zoomed in for a closer look....

Stop in again for the continuing saga of my Bonnie Hunter Quilting Workshop adventure!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Trunk Show Inspiration Part 1

Our "Quilting with Bonnie Hunter" adventure started off with a bang.  We thought we had logistics worked out to arrive EARLY and get a good seat (not to mention a good parking spot) and it would have worked had the lady at the hotel given us correct directions!!! :)  Imagine our surprise and confusion when we realized as our watches continued to creep closer and closer to lecture time that we were basically the only car parked in front of the building we were directed to...having been warned in advance that attendance was anticipated to be crowded to say the least!!!

Marianne quickly looked through her old e-mails using her iphone and found an old message giving the exact address...and guess what....it wasn't the address that the hotel lady gave us....duh!!!! LOL

Off we went to find the TRUE location and needless to say we didn't find a wonderful parking spot and we arrived later than hoped and ended up getting seats near the back.  Oh well....at least we made it in time to purchase her books and have her autograph them...and as long as I held my camera out in the center of the aisle, I could get photos and then look at my camera to see the item!  Life is tough being short...sitting in the back....behind tall people!!! :) 

Simple words cannot express how exciting, wonderful and inspiring the Bonnie Hunter Quilting Workshop and Trunk Show/Lecture was to all who attended.  If you ever have the opportunity to attend one of her lectures or workshops....please do....you won't be disappointed!!!!  Just make sure you get the address correct and arrive early to get a front seat!!! LOLOL

I have so many photos and so much information to share that it will take days and several blog posts to hold it all! :)

I'm getting a late start on sharing about the workshop simply because we had terrible storms here in Owego that resulted in the loss of electricity from this past Thursday until Saturday.  For some people (like ME) this also meant we had no water.....having a well + no electricity = no water to shower, flush, or anything else!! :) :)

On Monday evening Bonnie Hunter presented a WONDERFUL lecture and pulled out one-by-one the most amazing quilts to show us.  She designed and made all of these quilts. 

Pineapple Crazy from her book - String Fling
The above quilt is called Pineapple Crazy.  You would have to be crazy to attempt this one.  I fell madly in love with it but I just don't know if I'll ever have it in me to actually start something like this.  Would you believe that this quilt top has 12,000 pieces....yep....you read correctly!!!!

My Blue Heaven
This quilt is actually the design we learned and started in the workshop.  By the way, once I begin sharing photos of all the color choices used by the ladies participating in the workshop....you will be amazed at how different each and every quilt will look when using the same pattern but using different fabric choices. 

Just look at these others....
Crabapples from her book - Adventures with Leaders & Enders

Bow-Dacious from her book - Adventures with Leaders & Enders
Virginia Bound from her book - Scraps & Shirttails: Reuse, Re-purpose, Recycle!
Smith Mountain Morning from her book - Scraps & Shirttails II: Continuing the Art of Quilting Green
Holy Toledo from her book - Scraps & Shirttails: Continuing the Art of Quilting Green
Oh boy....my mouth was watering for sure by this time and there's MORE to come.

Until the next time...same Bat time, same Bat channel! :)  (I bet some of you are too young to know what I'm talking about with this last sentence! LOLOL)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Lazy Friday

It's dreary, rainy and a tad bit chilly outside today.  There's plenty I should be doing, but having a difficult time getting motivated. :)

This entire week has been hectic and I think my body is trying to tell me that I'm tired....so I may not get much accomplished today after all.

Emily had surgery on her left foot Tuesday.  Arriving at the break of dawn, waiting in her room, then sitting in a hospital waiting room can wear a person out!

Rolling to surgery....

Just look at that face....a little apprehensive before surgery.

Surgery is over....feeling a little loopy! :)

Wednesday was filled with grocery shopping, errands and cooking dinner for the girls and one of their friends.

Yesterday (Thursday) the morning was spent waiting in a stinky, hot, local mechanics office as I waited on a needed new tire to be delivered and then put on my Jeep.  Even in the heat I was able to finish crocheting another preemie gown....at least I accomplished something while I waited.  I always keep SOME project in my vehicle at all times just for these unexpected days when I have to "hurry up and wait" on others.

I also spent a little time cutting out the next part in line for my Tennessee Waltz quilt.

Can't remember how many of these I needed....but there was a bunch! :)

I'm also trying to look around and make sure I am not forgetting anything I need to take to the quilt workshop next week.

I went ahead and used printable fabric through my computer printer to make quilt labels so we can get the signature of the lady who is instructing the workshop and is the designer of the pattern we are making.

One for me and one for Marianne....just need to cut them apart.
Better go see what else I can accomplish before the day slips away from me.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Dreaming of Tennessee

Rain, rain....I won't tell you to go away because we need you!

What better way to spend a rainy day than to cut more pieces for my future Tennessee Waltz quilt top.

I've been asked to see what the Tennessee Waltz pattern actually looks like....so here it is....

Here's another example using different colors:

And one last example....as you can see from the photos....the pattern takes on two different over-all looks depending on what fabric you use for one certain piece (it can look more "round" or more "diamond" shaped....all because of one little piece of the puzzle and the fabric you use....isn't it amazing?) :)

Because I don't want to get in any trouble concerning copyright laws, etc.....let me take this moment to give full credit to the book I'm using.

It is published by Quilt in a Day, second printing February 2004, designed by Sue Bouchard, titled Tennessee Waltz Q*U*I*L*T

Now, back to cutting out my pieces. 

I needed to cut (8) 5" strips (selvage to selvage)...

Then I needed to subcut into 64 pairs (or 128 individual) 2 1/2" x 5" rectangles

Next, each pair of rectangles had to be cut on the diagonal.....

Looks like this.....

After all were cut....I then had to sort them by separating and placing them in two "matched sets", right side up....

That was just enough rotary cutting to cause my back to ache! LOL  Now I'll put this project away and rest my back by crocheting some preemie gowns for our Grandma's Promise ministry.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hello, My Name Is.....

What did I do yesterday?  I made name tags! :)  Let me explain....all participants in the upcoming quilt workshop received an e-mail recently reminding everyone to bring their name tags.  Whoever forgot to do so would have to wear a sticky backed paper name tag.

Well....I don't really know what type of name tag everyone has...and I CERTAINLY didn't want to be the only person there with a terrible paper name tag (LOL)....so I put my thinking cap on and started playing around with my embroidery machine.

Then it dawned on me that if I created a unique name tag for myself....that would leave my poor, poor friend Marianne as probably the only quilter in attendance to be forced to wear a terrible paper name tag....so being the good friend that I am....I knew that if I made myself something I would have to make her something also. LOLOL

Doesn't every quilter save that narrow strip of batting left over from a previous quilt top....just knowing that SOME DAY it will be needed to make something small???

Let the sewing begin.....

Her name is LONG and I was limited on designs to choose from that allowed more space to insert a name....AND after experimenting I realized I had to use a "scrip" font in order to squoosh her name in the spot (unless I made her a name tag that was about 7 inches across :) :) :)

Here is what I came up with for Marianne.  Of course, if she doesn't like it for a name tag, she can always use it as a coaster. :)

Isn't it is adorable?  I really think the design fits her because she enjoys doing hand-piecing and quilting.  I thought the spools of thread, threaded needle and red rick-rack trim suited her perfectly.

As I was starting to sew mine together, I remembered a piece of jewelry that Ray picked up for me at one of the auctions he loves to attend.  It is a sewing machine pin that looks like it may be a Featherweight with little sewing baubles hanging from it.  I believe I'll use it to pin my name tag to my shirt. :)

I made a little boo-boo and messed up the "L" in my last name....oh well, there's no way I'm going to take the time, trouble and supplies needed to do it all over again just because of one little boo-boo! LOLOL

Imagine my shock when I looked up from my sewing machine to see these two faces smiling at me.  Kirsten had a friend over and they were bored.  I guess boredom + makeup = two teenage girls going crazy! :) :)

There's never a dull moment at our house!!!!

Friday, July 13, 2012

When Hubby Is Away I Quilt All Day

My dear hubby is away on business which means it is as good a time as any to monopolize the kitchen table once again and work on Amanda's quilt.

Before Ray left, he did finish installing the floors in his den....the only thing left for him to do when he returns is to install the baseboard quarter round (and remove the blue painting tape that was left on the walls from when he painted the baseboards). 

I'm really happy with the new floors and I think Ray did a fantastic job!!!

Time to get back to machine quilting Amanda's quilt....

Look at my red boo-boo finger....you'll never guess what caused this blister!!!!  Would you believe this is the result of twisting the plastic screw to tighten and loosen the hoop each time I had to re-hoop the quilt in order to sew the pin wheel design 80 times!!!!

Ouch!  It really is sore!!!!!!

After finishing the 80 pin wheels, then I decided to stitch-in-the-ditch and outline each of the individual quilt blocks.

Amanda's quilt is completely machine quilted now!!! YIPPEEE!!! 

Here's the front....

It's difficult to see the quilted pin wheels in this photo....it's easier to see the quilting stitches when you look at the back side......

This photo is a little more close-up.....

It's not even close to being perfect....there's some fairly obvious "oops"....but over all I think it turned out great and I'm tickled pink with it.

Now all that is needed is to bind it and add a signed label to the back.  My back, shoulders and upper arms are so tired from all the work it took to machine quilt.  It may be a few days before I gather up enough energy to tackle the binding.  At least the hard part is over with now!!! :) :)

Even though it was just me and Kirsten home at dinner time tonight...I decided to make one of her favorite meals.....open face steak sandwiches....uuummmm, uuuuuummmm.

I fry up cube steaks, then make Texas Toast (with butter and 4 cheeses) in the oven.  Once bread is toasted, layer with fresh spinach, cube steak, special sauce (mayonnaise mixed with Sante Fe spicy chipotle spread), large slice of tomato, topped with a slice of provolone cheese.

Stick it back in the oven under the broiler just long enough to melt the cheese.  Oh so simple....yet oh so delicious!!!!!

Time for some much needed rest.....who knows what tomorrow will bring! :)

Monday, July 9, 2012

Can't Keep Up With The Jones

I am sitting here having a hard time typing because I'm laughing so hard.  I just couldn't wait to tell you about this latest "happening". 

I have a very good friend who is planning to participate in the same quilt workshop that I've been telling all of you about.

I wish I could be a little fly on the wall when she happens to sit down and read this blog post. 

My friend and I both are really excited about this adventure and we are acting like little school girls preparing for the first day of class. LOL 

Yesterday I received a message from her with some photos attached of her newest toy....needless to say, it relates to our upcoming quilt class.  She has been worried about how she was going to manage transporting her heavy sewing machine, plus all the supplies required for the day.  Now she doesn't have to worry one little bit....she will be decked out in style, looking like a professional quilter when she strolls into class pulling her new assortment of coordinated travel cases.

Just look at this beautiful stuff!

The main case accommodates her sewing machine....and has all kinds of hidden storage compartments inside and out.

Attached to the back is a case specifically to accommodate her rotary cutting mats and rulers, etc.

Then last, but not least, is the "fat quarter" matching case that will hold all of her fabric pieces and other notions needed.

To top it all off....everything attaches together and is simply pulled along on it's wheels.

Now....why am I laughing so hard!  (I'm not laughing at my friend or her new beautiful travel cases that's for sure!) :) :) :)

I'm laughing because, just the day before, Ray bought me my very own sewing/quilting travel case with wheels and several different compartments for supplies to make it easier for me to transport all of my stuff back and forth during the workshop.....but I hadn't told my friend anything about it.....until NOW.

But let me assure you......it doesn't begin to compare with my friend's new toys.  In fact, I feel fairly certain that NO ONE will have a set up like mine! LOLOL  I can already imagine the expressions on all the faces of the other quilters as I stroll along pulling my goodies behind me.

Just look at this..............................

Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you!!!  For the whopping cost of $24.99 you too could purchase your very own double-decker, plastic Stanley toolbox from your local Home Depot!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

Now let me show off all the special features of MY sewing travel case.....................

First is the bottom toolbox.....the perfect size to safely keep my vintage Singer Featherweight from slipping around inside....with room for the power cord, and a few other odds and ends.

Next is the top toolbox that holds my fancy clear plastic shoebox full of fabric strips, a few rulers, my quilting iron, etc.

And there is a removable tray that fits on top of this toolbox that holds more goodies.....

Then there is the magical, turntable in the center front of the top toolbox....perfect for bobbins, etc. (haven't put anything in here yet)....

Last, but not least, are the flip top compartments on the very top....perfectly sized for thread spools, extra needles, etc.......

Oops....I almost forgot....I will be using a couple of bungee cords to strap on the cutting mat and another plastic container with more fabric pieces to the top of my lovely toolbox so I can roll everything along in one trip!!! LOLOL

You have to admit.....this is TOO funny!!!  The timing couldn't have been more perfect.  My friend had no clue that Ray had given me this wonderful gift....much less the fact that it was the day before her husband gifted her with her new toy. 

So what do you think?  Who will get noticed more when we stroll into our workshop together.....my friend with her fancy, smancy sewing travel cases.....or me with my $24.99 Stanley toolbox!!!!!! 

Oh my goodness....my sides are killing me from all of this laughter!!!!  I better end this post and calm myself down before I need to take off to the bathroom!! :) :)

Life is always entertaining....isn't it??? LOLOLOLOL