Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Tons of Fun with Bonnie Hunter -Texas Tumbleweeds

Last week was a blast....hectic, fast paced, wonderful fun!  My dear friend Marianne was able to get us both spots in not one, but two of Bonnie Hunter's quilt workshops.  The events were held near Utica, New York (about 2 1/2 hours drive for me).

Dear hubby drove me there Monday afternoon. Marianne was already at the hotel waiting on me.  She took me to a quilt shop she had found earlier and we both did a little stash enhancement shopping.

The next morning we headed off for the first workshop. The quilt we worked on was Bonnie's design called Texas Tumbleweeds.
Me with Bonnie Hunter in front of her Texas Tumbleweeds quilt.
Of course we had to get a photo of Marianne with Bonnie as well!

We had so much fun!  We met and made new friends and I even ran into old friends from the quilt guild locally.

Me and my old friend Sandi.


Me and Marianne with our Texas Tumbleweeds blocks....

Letting my true personality shine through....

At the end of the day it was fun for everyone participating to put our blocks all together to see all the color choices others made....

Can't wait to share photos tomorrow from our second day of workshops!