Saturday, May 6, 2017

I'm On A Roll

The week before last I didn't accomplish one single thing except babysit.  It is always a blessing to watch Ava and I had the honor of watching her every day that week.

This past week my babysitting services were only needed for two days.  Having some free days allowed me the time to disappear in my sewing room.

I looked through my closet of UFO's (unfinished objects) and found a little table runner, quilted and only needing binding.  The binding strips had already been cut and were hanging on the same hanger.

Finished.....this was a quickie.....

After finishing the runner, I realized there was still a ton of binding strips left over.  It must mean there is something else in my UFO closet that was waiting on binding from this same fabric.

Back to the closet I go......and pulled out another set of placemats already quilted and only needing binding.  The backing fabric on these place mats is the exact same fabric of the binding strips.

Ta Da......yet another project completed.....

Time to switch gears.  I get bored quickly. Haha

A quick embroidery project.....Ava can never have enough bibs!

Just a cute picture I'm throwing in because she is so cute!

As I continue to clean and organize my craft supplies, I pulled out an old skein of something called " Denim" in red.  It's not a yarn for clothing or afghans, etc.  it is for decor items.  Along with this skein was a pattern dated 1999.   My daughter Amanda is thinking of changing up her decor to vintage patriotic colors while still using all of her nautical things.

There was enough red thread to crochet two of these.  If she can't use them I'll find someplace to use them myself.

There are still plenty of UFO's in my closet but I'm needing to start something new.  Hee hee

I pulled out these two layer cakes (precut 10" squares)  to play and choose a pattern to make.  The print one is all purples and various shades of grey.  My granddaughter told me that she needs another quilt....not because there is anything wrong with the one I'd already given her, she just likes quilts.  She reminded me that her favorite color is purple.  I'm thinking it won't hurt to get started on Christmas gifts in May.

This coming week will be exciting. Our daughter Emily has bought her first house and will be closing on it Wednesday May 10th.  It's a beautiful home. I'm sure there will be plenty of things I can make for it!

Until next time!  Keep smiling and quilting!