Monday, November 13, 2017

Sharing the Love of Sewing

The grandchildren had a three day weekend from school due to Veteran's Day.  My 15 year old granddaughter surprised me by asking if I'd teach her to sew.  Of course I said "YES!"  She specifically was interested in learning how to make things she could gift to her family and friends for Christmas.  I debated whether to start her off "quilting" or "sewing".  Sewing won this time but I hope to introduce her to quilting soon as well.

A quick search through my stash produced a pattern for pajama pants (children and adult sizes) and a piece of juvenile flannel.  The flannel was just enough yardage to accommodate the pattern pieces to make her 7 year old brother a pair of pants.

I handed her a roll of pattern tracing paper and she traced the correct size pattern pieces needed.  Then she learned to pin the pieces on the fabric to "fit" the pieces and be frugal with the fabric.

Pinning and cutting begins...

Next she learned the basics to start sewing with my Pfaff.

She would have gladly started and continued until she was completely finished in one day but my body doesn't work that way. :) :)  We did the tracing, pinning and cutting Friday evening.

Saturday we learned to use the sewing machine and sewed up the outside and inside seams of each leg, attached the two pieces together and sewed the straddle.

Sunday afternoon we sewed the waistband and added the elastic.

Ta Da!!!!!!

I may have created a sewing monster.  She talked her mother into taking to her JoAnn Fabrics and buying another piece of flannel fabric on sale this week for 40% off to make her best friend a pair for Christmas next.  This coming Sunday JoAnn's will have a "door buster" sale and all their fleece, flannel, etc. will be 60% off.  She hopes to go buy more at that time.

Last night she traced out the correct size pattern for the next pair, pinned it, had me look to make sure it was correctly placed and pinned...then she cut it out.  Depending on the amount of homework she may come home with today, she might sew up some of the leg seams tonight.  I plan to just make sure she is on the right path but intend to let her do all she can on her own.  She really seemed to catch on rather quickly. 

I hope her excitement continues....time will tell!

Until next time!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Can't Seem to Catch Up

I'm truly hoping that none of you or your families have been hit with the sickness "crud" that keeps attacking our family.  I'm being reminded that having a house full of people (especially children that bring home every sickness they possibly can find) means that when a bug strikes one....its more than likely going to strike the entire family ONE PERSON AT A TIME.  Once it's gone around once, it will often make another round....just because it can!  UGG

We've been passing things around for a couple of weeks now.  Just days after returning home from the Bonnie Hunter quilt workshops the "crud" started.  Several of us are still hacking and coughing and not 100% better yet.

Since I think of this blog as my diary of life experiences as well as quilting projects, please bear with me as I attempt a few "catch-ups" today.

I sent my dear hubby off one Saturday not too long ago to an advertised local yard sale.  Specifically, he went to look at a motorized scooter/wheelchair.  We both have been thinking it would be wise to invest in one of these when the time is right just to allow me to participate on more family outings.  He didn't come home with a scooter, but instead came home with this....

This Bernina B 215 sewing machine is practically brand new, to the point that the lady selling it had not ever removed the clear protective plastic over the computer screen, etc.  She told my husband that she THOUGHT she wanted to learn to sew, bought the machine, made one pair of curtains for her kitchen and decided sewing wasn't for her after all.  Nothing was missing, came with all original extra pressure feet, etc. cover, sewing base attachment, owners manual and even the receipt from when it was purchased in 2012 (from a local Bernina dealer).  The receipt showed that this machine was purchased for $899.00.....would you like to guess how much my dear hubby gave for it?

$35.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  THAT'S ALL....only $35.00 for a machine......a 5 year old sewing machine that cost $899.00!!!!!! 

This is a very basic model, light-weight, etc.  I'm thinking it will be a really nice machine to take to classes if needed or to pass along to a family member who may need it.

Because of our family "crud" I never found the time or energy (until today) to share my other Bonnie Hunter workshop.  This workshop was for making her Smith Mountain Morning quilt.

In the picture below, Bonnie is standing in front of her own Smith Mountain Morning design.

Me and Marianne with Bonnie.....

Since I'm trying to continue shopping from my stash rather than buying new fabrics, I decided to go with reds and browns instead of Bonnie's blues.  Below are a few blocks I pieced at the workshop.

It's really fun to see all the different color variations the other participants had chosen.  We combined all of our blocks at the end of the day.....

I was out of town for her workshops from Monday afternoon through Thursday afternoon.  Marianne and I had such a blast being together.  I hope we can do it again soon.

After resting Thursday evening, I had another two day workshop (locally) for machine embroidery.  All day Friday and Saturday was spent at an Anitagoodesign retreat.  Officially it was called "Anita's University".  I TRULY enjoyed this opportunity and learned so much.  Plus I met and made some new friends.  (Sharon...if you are reading my blog, I've not forgotten about getting with you one Sunday to sew the day away!)  It felt like Christmas because I came home with a TON of freebies....won a bunch and was given even more just for attending.  My goodness, I'll never have time to make everything I want to make!!!!  

Well, I feel better having got this post ready to share.  Fingers crossed our lives can get back on track so I can not only keep you up-to-date, but I REALLY need to finish up some quilt projects before Christmas!!!!!

Until next time....