Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Dresden Coin Quilt

Thought I'd use today's post to reveal a recent finished project.

I followed the Missouri Star video tutorial to make this Dresden Coin quilt using Layer Cakes (10" precut squares) from the Benartex collection called "Urban Oasis".

This collection is bright, wild and extremely beautiful!!!
To watch the Missouri Star video click HERE.

I decided to make my quilt a little longer than the tutorial directions so I simply added more Dresden pieces to each row.  I had two Layer Cakes from this collection so there was plenty to go around.

In fact, because I had so many Dresden pieces cut.  I followed another Missouri Star video tutorial to make this gorgeous pillow. 

Truthfully, I made two of these pillows and still have Dresden pieces left to make something else.
To watch the Missouri Star video for the "Sprocket Pillow" click HERE.

Oh how I LOVE this fabric collection and I think it's great to make a quilt and matching pillows.

Both projects were super simple and fun to make.  The only issue I had was when attaching the center button on the pillow.  I used an extra long needle but it was still a challenge to get the needle through such a thick pillow and then do it again in order to pull the center of the pillow taut (with the button) to give the "poofy" finished look.

Give either or both of these projects a whirl!  You won't be disappointed!

On a completely different subject....over the past weekend, I realized how huge my plastic bag of tiny scraps was getting....the ones too little for crumbs but perfect to stuff my doggie beds.

Thankfully I'm getting closer to the end of this orange flannel with skateboarders.  It feels like I've been making doggie beds from this fabric for over a year (probably have).  There was enough scraps to stuff two more beds last night and I think there is enough orange flannel to make two more smaller beds or one large one when the scrap bag fills up again.

These home-made beds are always doggie approved. :)  Of course, my little Talia must try out EVERY new bed before the other fur children are allowed to use them.

What's been under your needle lately?

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