Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Tumbler Purse - One Fear Conquered

Is it just me, or do you have things you want to do or make and are scared to attempt?  I see tons of gorgeous bags/totes, etc., that I'd love to make but the fear has been so great that I just keep putting it off.

I'm sure most quilters are familiar with the Missouri Star Quilt Company and it's founder, Jenny Doan.  She offers tons of youtube video tutorials making quilts, wall hangings, table runners, bags, totes, etc., mainly using precut fabrics.

I found this particular video and decided it looked easy enough for a newbie bag maker.  The fact that my oldest daughter will be having a birthday in early September was just the incentive I needed to face my fears and DO THIS!

Here's the link to the video tutorial:  TUMBLER BAG
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The video is so clear there is truly no need for me to do an entire photo tutorial, but here's a glimpse into my own bag making venture.

I needed one Charm Pack and tumbler ruler (Missouri Star Quilt Company offers their own acrylic ruler)

I started to cut my tumbler shapes and was wondering what was "different" about this ruler.  It was difficult to see if I had it on the edges of the fabric correctly.

Duh!  I'm such a DUFUS!  There wasn't anything wrong with the ruler other than the fact it was brand new and I'd never removed the brown protective paper on the front side!  I strongly advise you to promptly remove the paper before cutting your tumblers. :) much easier to see and cut now!!!  The directions actually only called for 40 charm squares. The package contained 42 so I pulled out two of my least favorite pieces. 

Another first....sewing tumbler shapes together.  EASY PEESY!  They went together problems whatsoever.  Before I knew it, I had my front and back main sections pieced, pressed and ready to go.

I continued to follow the video directions to add interfacing to the tumbler sections, use a contrast fabric for the top decorative band and to cut everything to create the shape of the purse.

It was so cute at this point, I was really excited and glad I decided to attempt this project!

Once that contrast band was added to the front and back sections, the next step is to top stitch the band seam where it attaches to the purse.

I use my vintage machines to do most of my sewing/piecing, but I was excited to pull out my one and only "fancy" machine, a Pfaff, and use one of the multitudes of decorative stitches it offers and rarely gets used.

If only I'd known ahead of time how cute the decorative stitching would look,  (and that I wouldn't mess it up) I would have used a thread color that would have shown more.  Oh I know! :)

Now it's time to make gussets to create a flat bottom to the bag.  Another it totally crazy for a grown woman to get excited because she made her first gusset?  hahahaha

Next I had to make the lining for the bag.  Once again, the video is so easy to understand and I had no trouble whatsoever doing it.  I did everything exactly by the video...all FIRSTS for me.....added pockets to the inside lining of the bag, made the shoulder/cross-body strap, made the little loop for the front button closure.  I even sewed the button to the front of the purse using my sewing machine!

TA-DA!!!!  If I can do it, YOU can do it!

By the way, are you wondering why I made my oldest daughter a purse instead of a quilt for her birthday, especially since I've been making quilts for other family members this year?

Don't worry, I've not slighted my daughter in the least. :)   I made her a Birthday quilt LAST year when she hit the big 35 milestone! :)  And trust me, it was a BIG QUILT!

Shannon with her Birthday Quilt - Sept 2, 2013
Until next time...go ahead...try something new...I dare you! :) :)

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