Sunday, September 7, 2014

Mill Works Block of the Month by Nancy Rink

Two days before we left on vacation, I stopped by my local quilt/fabric shop, Quilter's Haven in Owego, NY.  After chatting with the owner a few minutes, she offered a unique make a sample quilt for an upcoming Block of the Month called Mill Works designed by Nancy Rink beginning in October.

When she showed me the photo and fabrics.....WOW, WOW, WOW.....I had to say yes!!!!

A History lesson and beautiful quilt rolled into one.  The Block of the Month program by Nancy Rink is broken down into 8 months/kits, including almost 18 yards of the most beautiful reproduction Marcus Fabrics.  Finished size is 92" x 92"

This history lesson is centered around the Lowell, Massachusetts Textile Factory system and its female work force!  Sounds interesting. :)

Participation is open to everyone and the quilt shop is happy to mail the kits to anyone who doesn't live locally.  So if you have fallen in love with this quilt and the fabrics by the time you reach the end of this post, I will close by providing you the contact information and price so you can join in the fun!

Just look at some of the fabrics that are in the monthly kits......

I melted when I pulled out the fabric for the border......oh my.....

Since I was given this project just days before heading to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, I quickly packed up my machine and supplies.

As we entered our condo for the week, I spotted an accent table against one wall that would be perfect to set up as a sewing station, out of the way of daily living.

I can't share too many of the details of course, but the first kit has you making a total of four blocks, two each of two different basket they are spread out across the back of the sofa in the condo.....

Don't worry, I still allowed myself time to enjoy the beach....

The Block of the Month will begin in October with the distribution of the first kit.  The monthly cost (only 8 months) to participate is $30.00 + tax for anyone who is local and plans to personally pick up their kits at the shop or $30.00 + postage and applicable tax for those who need their kits mailed to them.

You also have an option of purchasing and receiving the entire kit in one shipment rather than over the course of 8 months, so there would only be one shipping charge.  Cost for the entire program (remember, it includes almost 18 yards of fabric) will be $240.00 + tax for local participants and $240.00 + postage and applicable tax if receiving by mail.

Quilter's Haven
17 Lake St.
Owego, NY  13827

Hours:  Tuesday - Saturday  10:00 - 5:00 EST

If you decide to join in the fun, let the shop know that a crazy quilt blogger named Theresa sent you! :) :) :)

Until next time, keep those sewing machines humming! :) :)


  1. What color is the binding on this Mill Works quilt

    1. Gloria, the green plaid is what is used for the binding. Thanks for your question.