Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Few Finishes

I'm still without a computer and having to use my Kindle to write this post...please forgive the short, blunt writing style.

Much of my time lately has been spent finishing projects.  I'm not sure if these items will end up being gifts or not. I often fear that my family and friends get tired of receiving my handmade gifts. :)

Not sure who (if anyone) would use this runner. I think it's perfect for spring or summer and the fabrics make me smile.

A set of placemats....
Some of the fabrics in this set above remind me of the 1970's.  To be exact, one particular fabric makes my thoughts go to the television show The Partridge Family. Can you guess which one?

This next set of placemats are more subdued but still make me smile....

I was also able to finish hand sewing the binding on the quilt my Dad made and just this afternoon I machine sewed the binding on the top of the Mesmerize quilt and have it ready to take with me to my daughter's basketball practice tomorrow and hand sew the binding to the back.

In the middle of all this hand sewing, I was able to load my mom's Lazy Sunday quilt top on the longarm frame and start quilting it. I'm supposed to hurry and finish this so my youngest daughter can use it now. :)

Are you finishing projects or starting new ones this week?

Until next time!

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