Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Mesmerize is now Quilted

Still having to use my Kindle since we still haven't decided the best course of action to take concerning our home computer's hard drive crashing. All solutions cost lots of money....ugh!

Finally was able to load the Mesmerize lap quilt on the frame and start quilting.

Once again I stitched up a set of placemats to take advantage of the unused fabric and batting on the frame (at the bottom of Mesmerize).

The finished quilt draped over my living room banister.  All it needs is binding to call it DONE!

Close up of quilting. I used the design called Continuous Baptist Fans from

Here's the back. I used a beautiful 108" wide Stonehenge fabric.

A picture of the quilted placemats ready to be cut apart and binding attached

It's that time of year again when I find myself with more opportunities to hand sew....waiting on my daughter during hours of basketball practice, etc., plus the cool evenings as I relax while watching tv.  This means I need to keep plenty of projects ready to grab when needed.  So rather than take a break from quilting, I decided to load another project on the longarm frame.

Ironing another 108" backing fabric (this same fabric was used to back my granddaughter's birthday was so pretty and I bought more!).

It will be used to back this beautiful quilt top my mother made for my youngest daughter. The pattern is Bonnie Hunter's Lazy Sunday which was a mystery quilt with clues released in the Quiltmaker magazine last year.

Now you know what's keeping me busy.

Thankfully it looks like I can write new blog posts using my Kindle but my, OH my, it is very tedious and an extremely slow process. :)  Patience reaps many benefits!

Until next time....keep smiling, sewing and quilting!

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