Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Thinking October in August

As you can see, I'm almost finished with the quilting of the Scrappy Trips quilt which means I can start on my next project guilt-free.  Another couple of rows and I will be able to trim it up and apply the binding.

A year ago, or was it two(?), I saw this Halloween collection  called "Witch Hazel" by Riley Blake.  I thought it was so adorably cute with a vintage vibe.  Feeling confident that my three youngest daughters would enjoy a quilt to display during the month of October, I purchased three layer cakes.

Just look at the great color combination and precious prints.....

I would like to use three different patterns so all the quilts will be different, yet similar.  I also prefer not to cut these adorable prints into teeny, tiny pieces so I'm searching for patterns allowing large pieces.

For the first quilt, I've decided to make "Intersection T Block" by Missouri Star Quilt Company.  Watch the video tutorial HERE.

In addition to needing a layer cake with 42 - 10" squares, the design also calls for a total of 33 - 2 1/2" WOF strips of a neutral/solid.

This may be hard to believe but it's the truth....in my stash I found an opened, partially used jelly roll of a Kona solid called Ash.  I counted the strips and found 33....exactly what I need to make this quilt.

Cutting the required pieces was very easy and didn't take much time.  As far as the layer cake goes, only one cut is needed on each piece.

It didn't take long before the entire 42 squares were cut.

For the jelly roll, we just need two lengths for each block and the remaining strips will be an inner border.

All cut and ready to begin sewing....

Physically, I can't stand or sit and do one certain thing non-stop, I must take breaks and do other things.  During my breaks from quilting and cutting I've been cleaning out my clothes closet and FINALLY getting rid of things that no longer fit.  Let's face it, if I ever truly lose any weight it will be so far into the future that my clothes will not be in style. Plus I will deserve some new clothes if and when I actually drop any sizes.

Am I the only person who puts off cleaning out closets for as long as possible? ;)

Let the purging begin!!!!!  Success!!!  A basket full of emptied hangers....

Bags filled and ready to donate to a local ministry that will sell them and use the funds made to feed families in the local county where we live.

After so much work I didn't have energy enough to do anything more except get my sewing machine ready to start on the new quilt.  I'm using one of my vintage machines.  It requires a Class 66 bobbin and only came with one bobbin when I got it.  At this point, it's the only machine I own that uses a Class 66 bobbin.  I bought a package since you always need more than one bobbin.

But strangely enough, the new 66's are not identical to the vintage 66 bobbin.  They won't fit. :/

 Thank goodness for friends who collect vintage machines.  After hearing about my dilemma, my good friend Marianne is sharing a few vintage Class 66 bobbins with me.  Friends are wonderful!!!!!

Well,  I better get busy.  What are you working on now?  Are any of you starting any "holiday specific" projects?

Until next time!

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