Wednesday, August 24, 2016

College Days and Quilt Project Updates

Quilting was put on hold last week as I was knee deep in preparing to take our youngest child, our baby girl to college 11 hours away from home.  Not only are we officially empty nesters now but I am now retired from 20 years of being a homeschool mom! It feels really strange to NOT order curriculum or complete required legal papers to homeschool in this state.  After 20 years I am excited to end this career but I'm not so excited to have an empty house!  Oh well, I AM excited to watch my daughter spread her wings and fly.

Packing up.....what to take?

Believe it or not, she did not want me to make her a college quilt!  Oh my heart!! Instead she wanted to take her Bat man comforter that has been on her bed a couple of years.  She did take a lap quilt that I made for her about 6 years ago.  She loves her familiar and well loved possessions more than new things.

The only item she wanted me to make was a set of microwaveable  potholders using superhero fabric.

Once I gave her the set, she then sweetly asked if she could also take two of our red soup bowls with her to college.  Of course she can!!!!!!!

Not only will my home be minus any children now but I no longer have a vehicle of my own.  We gave my Ford Escape to Kirsten to take to college.  So now I'm stuck in this empty house all day.  We almost forgot to put her new parking sticker on the back before heading off on that very long road trip.

This was taken the morning she left....arms loaded with last minute items.

I rode with Kirsten to keep her company and let dear hubby drive by himself in the Jeep.

Ready to say goodbye.  I had strict orders from Kirsten that I was not allowed to cry in front of her.  I held it together.

Watching her walk back to her dorm, alone, in the rain......

During our trip we were able to visit and spend an evening with our grandchildren before moving Kirsten into her dorm.

We drove back home on Saturday.  Since then I've been cleaning and sewing a little. Got the last strip pieced to the top of the 42 Halloween quilt top.

Since we are in the middle of home updates and remodeling, my design wall can not be reached at the moment so back to using the floor to lay out all the blocks.

A few adjustments and now we have this.....

That's my progress update this far.  Tomorrow I hope to start putting the top together....after a little more cleaning.

Hope you have a wonderful and productive day!

Until next time!


  1. Great accomplishments. So now it's your turn. time to burn some rubber with the sewing machine. Maybe you can make it do donuts lol. Hugs.

    1. Haha....not so sure about the donuts, but I will certainly try! Actually, the funny part is that when I sat down to sew yesterday, the tension was off for no reason on the vintage machine I was using. Spent the majority of the morning fiddling with it. Haha

  2. Oh, that last picture of your daughter walking away in the rain. That must have been so hard for you. You won't have any trouble though, filling your retirement days with sewing! Enjoy.

    1. It certainly was hard to leave her. I figured I'd be crying non-stop this week but she is so happy, making lots of friends, joining clubs and getting involved. I'm so proud and so relieved she isn't sitting alone in her dorm miserable that I can't cry. (Maybe next week. :)