Monday, November 11, 2013

Last set of Birthday Blocks for 2013

It's hard to believe and a bit sad to know that I've completed all the birthday blocks for my 2013 online birthday block swap.

These last two blocks go to Jean in Wisconsin.  Her fabric request was for Christmas themed, red, green and white.  Since Christmas and the month of December has always been my favorite time of year, you would think that I would be prepared for this request.  Nope....not one little bit! LOL  I finally located a few small pieces in my stash...just enough to make two blocks...not enough for mistakes or do-overs. :) :) :)

In the end, I think I am the most pleased with this set of blocks.  After purchasing The Learning Curve Ruler earlier this year and using it so often to make blocks once I owned it...the other participants jokingly say I'm "curve crazy".  Their jokes actually pushed me to get more creative in my blocks.

I'm am beyond THRILLED with this first block I designed...

My quilting buddy Marianne spoke out loud what I was already thinking in my head....wouldn't this block make an awesome quilt in and of itself?  Now you know what one of my projects will be for design a quilt using this block. :)  I'm so excited!!!  Can't wait to start!!!!

I'm happy with the second block also....

Are you able to see the curved diamond square in the center?  I love it!!!!  That one small part was my own idea while playing around with the ruler.

Here are the two together.....

Before I ended up with the finished blocks above...there was quite a bit of playing around with the placement of squares.  I wish I had thought to take photos of all the different placements I considered...but I didn't. :(

Here are a couple of the last alternate layouts I considered....after I thought to grab the camera! LOL

You may recall that I am the last birthday girl on the list.  I've already received 5 packages but I'm saving them to open on my birthday.  You will have to wait another month to see them. :)

Happy Sewing!

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