Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Sewing Room Make-over!

Okay...so a make-over may be overdoing it.  To be honest...we're talking more of a "cleaning and reorganizing" of my sewing room. Whatever you want to call it...I'M HAPPY!!!!

When my daughter Amanda moved into her own home last year, I took over her old bedroom.  No more sewing on the kitchen table for me!!!!!!!!

Well....the bright mustard yellow walls took a little getting used to...but they have grown on me and I actually like them now.  Go figure! :) :) :)

My sewing furniture consists of whatever has been handed down to me by my children and other family members over the years....but that's okay....free is good!

As you enter my SUNNY sewing room.....

As you can see, I have one of my Featherweights setting on a vintage school desk (matching vintage school desk to the left of the first one...I did home school twin daughters and a younger daughter after all! :) :)

I have this machine already set up to do curved piecing or anything that doesn't require a 1/4" seam allowance.  I plan to set another Featherweight on the desk next to it to have set up for paper-piecing.  I just push my chair to whatever sewing machine I need for each particular project.

As your eyes turn to the right of the room....

More storage/shelving.  I decided to use a shower curtain rod and hang lace curtains over the closet to hide the stacks of batting, pillow forms, additional sewing machines, etc.  I'm really glad I moved the old rocking chair into the room (I rocked my babies in that chair....hope to rock more grand babies in years to come).  It gives me a comfortable place to sit and hand sew while watching TV.

Turning to face the opposite wall....my main sewing and cutting space.....

Prior to moving to NY, I had always had a formal dining room....but NO MORE.  So....I set up one of the dining room tables with all of it's extensions to create this space.  I keep this Featherweight set up to do all my quilt piecing that requires a 1/4" seam allowance.  I can easily push my machine toward one end (or remove it completely)  if I need more cutting space.  I can also set up my Pfaff embroidery machine on the right end of the table whenever I need to use it.

Since the room already had cable run to it...I set up my daughter Kirsten's old tiny television set in one corner.  I can sew to my heart's content and keep up with my shows. :)

Turning to face the last wall....

Now you see my design wall with a "quilt in progress" on it.  I really need to enlarge the size of my design wall.  Do you see my little step stool?  I'm short....only 5 foot even...do I hear you laughing because I must use a step stool to play with my design wall???  heeheeheehee

The next day, I thought of another item to organize....my embroidery software/cds....

Yes...another discarded item from one of my daughters....Emily, to be exact.  When she moved out to live with her sister Amanda...she no longer wanted the two over-the-door music cd holders.  Huuummmmm....perfect for storing my embroidery cds where I can easily see them and use them whenever needed.

Another day goes by and I decide that I MUST have more design space.  I don't want to spend any money purchasing one....soooo.......I rummaged through my stash of fabric and came up with a 2 yard piece of flannel that I don't have any immediate plans for.....taa daa!  Hang it on the wall backwards and we have an instant expanded design wall....

Can you believe I filled that space the very same day!!!!!  :) :) :) :) :) :)

Note to self....must look for additional flannel yardage from my stash....need more design space!!!!

How do you like my humble sewing space completely furnished with odds and ends?

Time to go play in my room. :)


  1. Love your room Theresa! Thanks to your inspiration I have my sewing room now too!!! I don't get in it nearly as much as I'd like to but I'm hoping when the snow flies I'll be hibernating in my room! Lol

    1. I know you well enough to feel certain you will get quite a bit done in your sewing room once the snow arrives! :)

  2. Just discovered your blog through Bonnie Hunter. I love that you have your own sewing room AND it didn't cost you anything. Enjoy!

    1. Thanks for reading Claudia. I think I live in my sewing room! Haha. I wasn't ready for my girls to grow up and leave the nest but since they did, I must admit having their old rooms for my own hobbies is wonderful!

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