Thursday, January 22, 2015

Infinity Scarf Tutorial

A very popular item this past year or two has been the Infinity Scarf.  Now that my friend Lisa FINALLY opened her Christmas gift (yes, in mid-January), I am now free to share how I make them.  As tends to be my habit, I took basic ideas from several different methods of construction and came up with my personal favorite, a combination of many ideas.

I didn't have make-up on the day I took the photo below so I'm sparing you from seeing my face! :) :)

Supplies Needed - TO MAKE THREE

1 yard of Minky (60" wide)

Minky is SO VERY SOFT and cuddly and since it comes in a 60" width, one yard is perfect for making yourself a scarf and two others to use as gifts.

1)  Cut your yard of Minky into 3 equal 12" wide strips.

2)  Take one strip (12" x 60") and fold in half, right sides together, to make a long tube (approx. 6" x 60").

Pin the edges together along the 60" side tube.  

3)  Although you can use a regular sewing machine, if you own a serger, this project is PERFECT for putting that serger to good use.

Serge or sew along the 60" long side.

You will need to leave about a 4" wide opening (for turning) towards one end of the tube.  

I chose to sew approximately 8" down one side, left a 4" opening, then continued to sew the rest of the approx. 50" remaining on the tube.

4)  Gently pull the longest side of the tube through the 4" the long end is "right side out" with the pretty Minky showing.....the short end still has the wrong side showing.

5)  Now pick up the end of the tube (long side with Minky right side out) and gently insert this end BACK INTO the opening.  This will create a natural "twist" in the tube which will allow your scarf to hang nicely once finished.

6)  NOTE in picture below that the serged/sewn edge of the inside tube is aligned with the folded edge of outside tube....and vice-versa....the outside serged/sewn edge is aligned with the folded edge of the inside tube.  The tube ends themselves are now facing each other (right sides together).  

7) If your serger or sewing machine offers a free-arm is the perfect time to take advantage of it.

8)  Pin the two ends of the tube together, all around the circle, so it doesn't slip and slide while you are sewing.  The free-arm makes life so much easier when sewing the edges of a round tube (or sleeve, neckline, etc.) together.

TA-DA....the ends of the tube are now together.....

9)  Now you just need to gently continue pulling the long side of the scarf (that is right side out), through the opening.....

10)  Your Infinity Scarf should now be entirely right side out.....time to close up the 4" opening.....

11)  Fold the edges of the opening over toward the inside of the together....then hand sew the opening closed.

12)  Model your scarf.  :)  

For a dressier version to compliment an outfit, a knit fabric works great.  I've not used cotton yet, but will probably give that a try one of these days also.

If you decide to make a scarf.....please email a picture so I can share it on this page.  You can send it to:

Happy Sewing!

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