Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day


Last night after dinner, I realized that one of my daughters didn't have a valentine this year.  I didn't want her to be too sad so after cleaning up the kitchen I went to the sewing room for some serious work!

Beginning around 7:45pm, I searched for fabric, looked for a cute embroidery design, got my sewing/embroidery machine going and started cutting the borders and backing for a pillow.

The last stitch was completed about 10:45pm and by 11:00pm, a pillow insert was placed inside the pillow cover!!!  Sometimes I amaze myself.  I propped the finished pillow up on the kitchen countertop because I knew she would be coming upstairs very early this morning before leaving for work.

If you like the embroidery design, it can be purchased and downloaded from emblibrary.com 

This pillowcover was made to fit over an 18" x 18" square pillow form.

Last weekend I was asked to make a valentine gift for someone special.  The requester provided a thick sports hoodie and asked that I put the words 'MAMA BEAR' on the front.  They left the decision up to me as to whether I wanted to embroider the words with my machine or applique.  Because the hoodie was SO THICK and heavy, I decided to go the applique route.  Using my Accuquilt GO system and the Alphabet die, I applied heat-n-bond light to the back of some grey fabric and cut out the letters needed with the GO .

This turned out to be a very time-consuming project.  I sewed the edges of each letter to the hoodie using a buttonhole stitch on my sewing machine.  It ended up taking approximately 30 minutes per letter to do the applique stitching.  The thickness and weight of the hoodie made it difficult to do all the twisting and turning required to sew around each letter.

Finally finished!  It looks great if I do say so myself.

I was also asked to put the words 'BABY BEAR' on a 9-month sized infant onesie.  This time I had no choice but use my embroidery machine.

When working with such a small sized piece of clothing, I had to use my seam ripper and rip out both side seams of the onesie just so I could hoop it.

After embroidering the words, I then ironed on the soft stuff I have on a huge roll that covers all the rough feeling threads so that baby's skin is not irritated.  I use the same stuff on all shirts, regardless of the size.

Now to put the onesie back together.  I carefully pinned down the sides so neither the front or the back would slip and slide around on me as I sewed.  Also, I strongly recommend using a walking foot when working with stretchy fabric such as this.

Sewing the side seams back together.....

My work wasn't finished.  My dear hubby, Ray asked me to make something special for him to give Ava Jean for Valentine's.  I scavenged through my stash and found just a few items I purchased over 5 years ago and never used....including the pink, plush, snuggly blankie toy. 

Because of the plushness of the top of the fabric, I placed a piece of water soluble stabilizer on TOP of the bunny before embroidering.

Ray picked out the design and the colors to use....

I'm so pleased with the final product......... 

I played around and folded it like this, then placed it in a gift box.....

Since I already had the different embroidery threads out and my machine was cooperating, I decided to make Ava Jean a Valentine's burp cloth. :) :)

Again, this design can be purchased from emblibrary.com

Several years ago I purchased (in bulk) a huge box of cotton, 3 fold baby diapers just to have on hand for making quick baby gifts for showers, etc.

That completes my Valentine's craft projects.....thank goodness.

On a different note, my youngest daughter (attending college in Tennessee) shared these photos with me on Sunday.  Her boyfriend took her out to a very classy restaurant for dinner.

Don't worry....she DID wear shoes on her date. :)

They are so cute!!!!

She also shared that he had given her a huge stuffed elephant and a "crown ring" because he calls her his princess.  She assured me that it WASN'T a promise ring.   Whew..............

Well, it's time for me to head to the kitchen and start preparing my Valentine's dinner for my hard working hubby.  He should be coming home any time now.


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