Wednesday, March 13, 2013

24 Log Cabin Blocks - What do I do now???

Some things in life offer us too many options.  I finished 24 Log Cabin blocks using Batiks.  There is no more fabric.  I can't make any more blocks.  It is what it is!

Now what do I do with them?

1st Possibility....

I only used 16 of the 24 blocks just to get an idea what the layout would look like.  Of course, I COULD have flipped the blocks and ended up with the darker sides meeting in the center.  That would have given it a different look altogether.

2nd Possibility....

I only used 12 of the 24 blocks to see how this pattern looks (my knees are starting to hurt, can you tell I'm starting to rush the puzzle piecing experiment)?

3rd Possibility....

My knees are really hurting now...only took the time to lay out 12 blocks again. :) :)

I showed these pictures to a few people to get their opinions...but I still wasn't completely in love with either choice.  I went to bed and dreamed of quilt block layouts. LOL  Then the next day, I had another idea.

4th Possibility....

My knees were rested so I shockingly played with all 24 blocks.

Then I decided to flip the blocks around one last time....

5th Possibility....

Pretty much everyone has chosen the last photo as their favorite.  I like this layout the best also, with the colors flipped in either direction.

I've not sewn the blocks together yet, but will soon.  I'm seriously considering adding borders to enlarge it to a Twin size quilt.  All in all I'm happy with this project.

Happy Quilting Everyone!

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