Friday, March 15, 2013

Fabric Scraps Make Great Dog Bed Stuffing

I do my best to be a responsible, thoughtful person and recycle whenever possible. :)

Whenever I have scraps of fabric (not suitable or big enough for quilting) and clipped threads, I put them in a big plastic bag and save them to stuff dog beds.  My doggies prefer this type of stuffing versus poly-fil, etc because it's easier for them to scratch around and rearrange the stuffing to make it "just right" before they lay down for the night.

My bag of scraps multiplied into two bags of scraps rather quickly these past several months, especially with Kirsten making so many Christmas blankets using fleece.

So, before this got out of hand I figured I better make new beds.

Out came the ugly orange skateboard flannel fabric that was given to me......(Really!  What else would I ever use this for anyway!?) :) :)

What shocked me was just how far these scraps went in filling up dog beds!  The scraps seemed to multiply before my eyes! :)

Scrap bags are once again empty...ready to start filling once again (which I have).  Doggies are tickled pink with their new beds.  Life is good!

By the way....I'm still using up old spools of thread....

Just look at my collection tin....



  1. Awesome dog bed.This is such a great post, fantastic idea.Thomas the Tank Engine Beds

    1. Thanks! So sorry I'm months late in responding....won't happen again. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Divena, Thanks for your kind words! They were fun to make. :)