Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Mama's Scrappy 9-Patch

My Mom used the scraps saved from years of sewing clothing (she made all my daughter's Easter dresses as they grew up, etc.) to make this 9-Patch Scrappy Quilt.  She has made several 9-patch quilts using scraps, but this is the first time I get the opportunity to quilt it for her.  This quilt top was put together to produce a serviceable quilt....color coordination was not important.  Yet, as I quilted it, it became more beautiful with each passing day.

With the quilt top on the frame, my daughters would look at it and pick out fabrics that they remembered from their early childhood.  One by one, each of them started asking questions like, "What does Grandma intend to do with this one?"  Who is Grandma giving this one to?  "I wouldn't mind having this quilt if Grandma doesn't have anything special in mind to do with it."  I told them that their Grandma doesn't take hints very well! :) :) :)

The size is approximately 85" x 96" and will look nice on a full or queen size bed.

Here's some close-ups of the blocks after quilting was completed....

The back....

I turned the flash off to get a better view of the actual quilting....

I think Mom will be pleased with the end result. :)

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  1. turned out very pretty. The quilting really is pretty. I think the quilting really finished off the looks. Thanks so much for doing it for for who gets it --- they will just have to wait and see Love you mom