Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Blue Stars Quilting Completed

I've been waiting to quilt my own Blue Stars quilt top until I finished quilting as many of my mom's quilts as possible before my girls headed to Tennessee.  (By the way...Mom was happy with her finished quilts!) :)

It was exciting to finally get this baby on the quilting frame.  This quilt is 88" x 88".  It may shock you, but I do believe it's the first ever quilt that I've ever made with the color blue not only in it....but a focal color.  And before you, I have no reason whatsoever why I don't typically buy blue fabrics....I like blue....I like all colors...but somehow, someway it happened and now I'm trying to correct my error! :)

I decided to use a quilting design/pantograph called Wisteria - Grande, designed by my friend and longarm quilting mentor, Patricia Ritter...sold by Urban Elementz.  My bravery level must have been really high when I chose to use a light blue/variegated thread.  Of course, the BEAUTIFUL fabric I chose for the back of the quilt, because it has several shades of blue in it, does not really allow the quilting to shine through and be noticed in comparison to past quilts.  At least the quilting DOES show up nice on the front side! :) :)

Hopefully you can see the quilting design in this fairly close up photo....

I am so in love with this quilt!!!!!

This is the fabric I chose for the backing....isn't it beautiful....

Happy, happy, happy!



All that's left for me to do is cut the binding them in half, machine sew to the front and hand sew to the back.  I've decided to use a light, but not too light, blue fabric that blends well with both sides to bind the quilt.  I tend to only do my hand sewing for an hour or two in the evenings immediately before hitting the I'm REALLY slow when it comes to sewing by it may be a couple weeks before I can post a picture of the completely, totally, on the bed, ready to snuggle under photo of the quilt.

In closing....just a tad bit of interesting information unrelated to quilting.  Do you know what happens when one of your children decides the refrigerator isn't cooling sufficiently and "helps" by lowering the temperature setting?


Until next time!

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