Friday, June 7, 2013

Wild Color Choices Made

This is a short but sweet post.  I thought I'd share with you the fabric colors that I pulled from my stash in preparation of the Aim For Accuracy Quilt-Along (click on logo to the right for more information).

Isn't it strange that I've been quilting for so many years but have never made a quilt that used a solid black as the neutral fabric?  I've joined the FB group of quilters who are participating in this quilt-along and everyone has been posting photos of their fabric choices.  Some have chosen soft pastels, florals, bright Batiks, muted Batiks, 1930's reproduction....some have decided to go with 3 colors only (like yellow, white and grey) quilter is sticking with all shades of purples and greens.  The possibilities are endless and you can't really go wrong with whatever you choose, as long as YOU are happy with your choices! :) :)

So anyway....I decided to go HOG WILD on this project....why not?  I already had these Fat Quarters in my stash and I'm not sure how I was ever going to use them all it is....drum roll please!

One fellow quilter commented that my fabrics would result in a beautiful "MODERN AMISH" quilt top!  I have to laugh....the two words together....Modern & Amish.  Heeheeehee  Let's see...wouldn't that be called an oxymoron?  LOL

Well....I'm excited to see how it starts to come together once the lessons begin.  And as always, I'm busy working on all the other little projects that I keep going at the same time.  Variety is the spice of life...right?

Until next time!

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