Friday, July 5, 2013

Finished Quilting Everything Goes

I like to keep a few (ok...hundreds) different projects going, at different stages so that when my back or hip starts hurting from sitting and piecing, then I can move to the long arm and quilt a few rows until my back or neck starts aching, etc., etc. :)

I loaded this lap size quilt on the frame (the top has been finished for months now and I shared that in an earlier blog post).

I wanted to use a more modern pantograph than I typically use and I looked through my stash and pulled out this one....

It is called Modern Twist by Patricia E. Ritter of Urbanelementz.  It looked easy enough....WRONG!!! LOL I'm still rather new at this stuff, and I naively thought this looked simpler than all the leaves, vines, and scrolling lines of past pantographs.  What I have learned is that because this design is a constant, flowing, curvy, perfectly symmetrical design, you have no where to pause the machine and take a deep breath.  When doing other styles of pantographs (leaves, flowers, vines, etc.) that have sharp turns or points, etc., there are naturally "pausing" points which allows you to stop with the needle down...take a breath, rest, etc., before starting up again and it never showing in the actual quilting.  I LOVE this pattern, and I LOVE the more modern symmetrical quilting designs so I will keep practicing, practicing, practicing.  My quilting doesn't look terrible, but you can see a wobble here and there. :) :) :)

As I did more rows....the quilting got a tad bit steadier....but I never did reach perfection.  I'm not saying it isn't possible, but I can certainly see now that those long arm quilters who also have the computer attached are probably the only ones who can truly end up with perfection on designs like this. :) :)

I used a light grey thread made by Omni.


Not too shabby...

My quilting gurus tell me I'm too hard on myself.  It may have some wobbles here and there but I'm happy, pleased and content with the finished project.

I hope everyone had a nice 4th of July yesterday.  It turned out to be a beautiful day here in upstate NY.  It was great having 3 of my 4 daughters able to come over and eat together.  (I know my eldest daughter and her family would be here if it weren't a 12 hour drive.) :(

From left to right....Kirsten, Amanda, Me and Emily

Dear hubby did an awesome job grilling steaks and chicken.....

Keep sewing!

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