Monday, October 28, 2013

Birthday Blocks Going to Wisconsin

Time for another set of birthday blocks.  This time they are headed to a quilter in Wisconsin.

This time, the requested colors were burgundy, hunter green, navy and cream.  Strangely, I had a difficult time locating colors in my stash to fulfill this request.  The lighting in the photo makes the burgundy look more red....but in person, it is a dark wine/burgundy fabric.  I stumbled upon a lovely piece of hunter green with a burgundy paisley design and then found a piece of cream with a hunter green vine and small burgundy flowers print.

Even if the photos don't do the blocks person the blocks are quite lovely and I am pleased with the results.  Although I did not include a navy piece within the construction of the blocks, I'm not too concerned because I know that other quilters participating will fill that need.

I only have one more set to make and then I'm finished for this year.  My birthday is the last one on the list (late December)...but I've already received two packages of birthday from Australia and one from Wisconsin.  I have a feeling that several others will be mailing my blocks early for fear that they will get too busy and forget to mail them around Christmas.  That's okay....I set a gift bag on top of my china hutch and am simply putting the envelopes inside as they arrive.  I've never had any problem saving things and opening them at the proper time so that is my plan.  I will save them until my birthday and open them in the same order that they arrived. :)  Opening my birthday quilt blocks will help take the sting out of the fact that this birthday will be my BIG 50!!!  :) :) :)

Until next time....

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