Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Just Because Gifts

Before I get started on today's true post let me update you by saying the Panic Quilt (1st Anniversary signature quilt) was a huge hit.  I simply had the couple unwrap the quilt top center as it was (without borders, etc.) and told them that they had the option of having me finish it as a lap quilt or a bed size quilt....totally their decision.  They are thinking about it currently but I believe that are leaning towards a lap quilt.  I'll keep you posted and share a photo of the finished project once their decision is made and I get going on it again.

Now, back to today's post.  Do you find yourselves at times just wanting to make someone a gift "just because"....it could be just a simple gift that will let the other person know that you are thinking of them?

That's just what I did.  I wanted to let my college daughter know that I think about her on a day to day basis.  She loves lots of things....and one of those things is Scooby Dooby Doo!!!!!!!  As a young child she would sit for hours and watch back to back episodes of this cartoon and to this day will still do that! 

Camelot Fabrics came out with an adorable Scooby line and I've been looking for it for ages.  My local fabric shop does not carry novelty fabrics...at least very rarely will they and Scooby was certainly not in their stock.  The only other fabric shop in our area that is known to carry lots of novelty fabrics did not care this line either.  I KNOW I'm trying not to spend money on fabrics etc., but I did say that I wasn't buying stuff unless it was special and was needed!! :) :) :)  This is special and it was needed!  hahahaha

I ordered 1 yard of this precious piece......

I didn't want to leave out my daughter's room mate so I searched for something extra special for Delaney.  She is a long distance, marathon runner and religiously gets up every single morning and runs a few miles (while my daughter continues to get her beauty sleep!)  I searched for fabrics having anything to do with "runners".  I came across this fabric that was PERFECT by Timeless Treasures but it is no longer printed.  As a last resort I search on Ebay and was able to buy 1 yard of this wonderful piece.......

Simple and quick was on my mind....something I could whip up and put in the mail.  PILLOWCASES!!!!!  I was able to find fabrics within my stash to coordinate with the focal fabrics.

Pillowcases are so fun to make....I love the "roll" part, then pulling it out one end then sewing the sides together.

Nicely folded and ready to mail to the two college girls.....

Before I was able to mail them off, my daughter was telling me one evening over the phone that she had pulled out her "Marvel Comics" microwaveable bowl holders and made Ramen noodles for a few of her friends the night before....when they were all starving but the cafeteria had already closed for the night.  She told me how "cool" her friends thought they were, especially when she told them her mom had made them. :) :)

You can probably guess what happened next, I pulled out the leftover runner fabric and made Delaney a set of two bowl holders to go with her pillowcase....my tutorial can be found HERE.

The next day I stuffed a medium flat rate box with these little gifts, along with chapstick, lotion, chewing gum, granola bars and microwavable popcorn.  I made sure to get my moneys worth out of that flat rate price!  The box was filled to the brim!!!! 

While I was still in the "just because" gift making mood, one of my other daughters had recently told me that she really needed a fall table runner for her coffee table.

I've been wanting to use one of my new Accuquilt Go dies, the Kite block die.  Ideas were brewing in my head.  The focal fabric I found in my stash (a burgundy background with greens, salmons, creams, golds, etc.) was the leftovers from when I pieced a backing for a dear friend's lap quilt about six years ago.  The neutral beige fabric from my stash was leftovers from another quilt backing.

Using the Accuquilt Go, I had all the pieces to make 32 - 4 1/2" unfinished blocks cut in less than an hour and ready to sew.  The pieces are all notched and go together beautifully.  It was so relaxing to sit and chain sew.....

I quickly had the table topper assembled and ready to quilt.  It would take too much time (in my opinion) to load such a small project onto the long arm to quilt so I decided to use one of my domestic machines to do the quilting.  I truly enjoy my Pfaff with the built in IDT system (Integrated Dual Transportation)....simply put....the built in walking foot.

When I pulled out my Pfaff machine, I decided to experiment with this new (to me) vintage sewing cabinet that I bought from a friend for $25.00 ....  YES....only $25.00!!!!!!!!!  Unlike vintage sewing cabinets where you must screw in the sewing machine, this is just a drop in with a hole cut out of the top.  The Pfaff fit perfectly (the only problem will be if I need to put in a new bobbin.  When that happens I will have to lift the machine up and set it on the front, change bobbins, then move it back in place.)  This was a small project, so I wasn't worried about the bobbin running out.  I was just SUPER THRILLED with having a flat, large surface to quilt on.  As you can see from the photo...the storage is remarkable inside the cabinet as well. I'll have to show you a picture of it all closed up and tidy on another day because I forgot to take a picture earlier.  :)

Just because I was experimenting....look how beautifully a Singer Featherweight fits in the same cut out!!!!!  I did place a small children's book underneath which raised the Featherweight to the perfect height to sit even with the cabinet.  The BEST $25.00 I've ever spent!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Back to the quilting....just 1/4" seam outlining the dominant shapes....

Quilting is finished....now the binding.....

It's taken me long enough but I think I've just about mastered the machine binding technique.  Again, using the PFAFF with built in walking foot, along with a bi-level pressure foot, allows perfect machine binding......

Ta Da........

Although my daughter only requested a table runner for her living room, I remembered two fall themed machine embroidery pieces I had made last year (too late in the year to complete and use as decorations last fall).  I had JUST enough of the focal fabric to turn these two embroidery pieces into pillows for her sofa! 

I'm feeling happy inside.  Not only was I able to make some cute little gifts "just because", but I was also able to use up yet more of my stash and get it out of here. :)

Happy quilting!  Strive to put a smile on someone else's face today!  By doing so, you will find a big smile settled on your own face!! :) :)

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  1. I love just because gifts. The only problem is, when it's actually a gift-giving occasion, I'm at a loss for what to give and wish I had saved the just because gifts for that!!
    And you really hit the jackpot on that $25 sewing table! Good for you!!