Saturday, September 10, 2016

Panic Quilt Day 3

I believe all the chain piecing accomplished yesterday was not the best thing for my feet and legs.  Climbing into bed last night my ankles were so swollen that it looked like smoked sausages wrapped around them. Haha. They didn't look that much better this morning.

I figured I better pace myself today and take it easy.

Laying out the pieces of the first block....

Now to start sewing a few together.  Yes, I believe I'm going to like how this is turning out....

The pops of color add enough interest and the secondary design of diamonds that develops as the taupe/beige portion on each side meets with the same piece in the next block is nice as well.

I wish my body would cooperate and allow me to get more accomplished today but I'm thankful for what little did get completed.

How was your Saturday?


  1. It's looking good, but your body is definitely telling you to take a break. You may start making mistakes if you push yourself.

    1. I do believe you are correct. Sunday probably needs to be a day of rest for sure.