Monday, June 25, 2012

No Sew Weekend, Rain & Crochet Instead

Since we had a big family (and teenage friends) dinner on Saturday, I had no choice but clean off the kitchen table.  A clean kitchen table is nice, EXCEPT when that is the only space you have to place your sewing machine!!!!!  I was on a "roll" working on Amanda's quilt, but in order to have a place to sit down and eat, I had to remove the sewing machine (after taking apart the embroidery unit), remove all my odds and ends (scissors, pins, bobbins, etc., etc.) and last but not least, fold up the partially completed quilt and put it away.  My goodness, that takes precious time!

At least we DID have a nice meal together. :)

On Sunday I just didn't have the energy to tote everything back to the kitchen table.  My ol' bones was telling me that rain was on it's way so I decided to work on my crochet items.  I first worked on a baby afghan for donation through Grandma's Promise.  When my legs started getting cold and achy I then pulled out a larger afghan I've been working on....the one that I needed to purchase that one lonely skein of Montana Skies from JoAnn's Fabrics the other day in order to finish.  The project kept my legs warm and comfy and I was able to accomplish something in the process.'s finished!

While I was finishing the afghan, Ray was on the other end of the house removing the carpet.  We had been to Home Depot earlier in the day and picked up enough new flooring to do the first room (the end goal is to do the entire house).  There is a relatively new flooring option available now that is 100% waterproof, lifetime warranty, looks like wood floors, similar to and installs like laminate but is actually made from vinyl.  Even the seams (when locked into place) are waterproof and will not allow moisture to seep between the boards.  This type of flooring is the "Pet Lover's Dream Floor"!!!!

While walking through the store, pushing our 200 sq. ft. of new flooring boxes, there were at least 3 different complete strangers stop us and comment that they had put the same flooring down and it was AWESOME!!!!  One husband and wife duo even commented that they had a house full of dogs and this flooring was the best stuff EVER!!  In fact, they were there to purchase more to do another room in their own home. :)

After completing my afghan, I walked down the hall to see how much Ray had accomplished.  I don't know if I can type and laugh this hard at the same time.  I took a picture of it, but Ray would probably have a cow if I posted it (so I won't)....but try to imagine this.  Not one piece of furniture had been moved....sofa, chair, desk, fish tank, etc. was all in place, BUT the ENTIRE CENTER of the wall-to-wall carpet had been removed.  He had literally taken a utility knife and cut AROUND the pieces of furniture and removed the carpet and padding from the center.  That section now has the bare plywood sub-flooring only....while any carpet under furniture and around the walls still has carpet!!!!  LOLOLOLOLOL  He was finished for the night.

The next few days have the potential to be VERY interesting!!! :) 

Until next time,

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