Friday, July 20, 2012

Lazy Friday

It's dreary, rainy and a tad bit chilly outside today.  There's plenty I should be doing, but having a difficult time getting motivated. :)

This entire week has been hectic and I think my body is trying to tell me that I'm I may not get much accomplished today after all.

Emily had surgery on her left foot Tuesday.  Arriving at the break of dawn, waiting in her room, then sitting in a hospital waiting room can wear a person out!

Rolling to surgery....

Just look at that face....a little apprehensive before surgery.

Surgery is over....feeling a little loopy! :)

Wednesday was filled with grocery shopping, errands and cooking dinner for the girls and one of their friends.

Yesterday (Thursday) the morning was spent waiting in a stinky, hot, local mechanics office as I waited on a needed new tire to be delivered and then put on my Jeep.  Even in the heat I was able to finish crocheting another preemie least I accomplished something while I waited.  I always keep SOME project in my vehicle at all times just for these unexpected days when I have to "hurry up and wait" on others.

I also spent a little time cutting out the next part in line for my Tennessee Waltz quilt.

Can't remember how many of these I needed....but there was a bunch! :)

I'm also trying to look around and make sure I am not forgetting anything I need to take to the quilt workshop next week.

I went ahead and used printable fabric through my computer printer to make quilt labels so we can get the signature of the lady who is instructing the workshop and is the designer of the pattern we are making.

One for me and one for Marianne....just need to cut them apart.
Better go see what else I can accomplish before the day slips away from me.

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