Tuesday, July 3, 2012

When Life Throws You Scraps - Make Triangles!

After cutting out ALL the pieces needed for the quilt workshop on July 24th (over 1,900 pieces per a friend of mine who is going to the same workshop with me)....I looked down and saw my pile of scraps.

Most of these scraps ended up being a diagonal, 2 1/2 inch tall by typically about 2 - 4 inches wide.  Not big enough for much....but too big to throw in the trash.

So what did I do.....I cut them into half-square triangles.  When two triangles are sewn together, it will make a 2 1/2 inch square.  A quilter can ALWAYS use a 2 1/2 inch square SOMEWHERE...Right?!! LOL

Now I don't feel guilty throwing away those tiny slivers of fabric versus the chunks.......

Just look at all the bonus triangles I ended up with from my treasure pile.....

That's actually about 200 half-square triangles that could have easily ended up in the trash can!

It's amazing what brings joy to my life!  This has been a good day.  :)

Would you like to see an update on my dear hubby's project....the new flooring???

Well, let me take a second to explain that AFTER he had removed the carpets and was preparing to start installing the new floors....I made a teeny, tiny suggestion....it went like this....

Me:  "Sweetie, you know how much you and I both hate how the previous owner painted all the wood trim that awful blue?"

Ray:  "Ummmhummmm"

Me:  "Well, sweetheart, I know you're in the middle of this flooring project, and I know you aren't exactly planning to repaint this room anytime soon....BUT.....do you think it would be a good idea to maybe go ahead and paint the baseboards white BEFORE you put in all the new flooring?  I'm just thinking it may be easier for you when it's all said and done."  (all said while batting my eyes and smiling from ear to ear)

Ray:  "Ummmmhummmmm" (grunting sound made while cocking his left eyebrow up high....my sign that he isn't exactly thrilled with my thought process)

So.....thankfully he listened.....

After only THREE coats of white paint to get rid of the blue.....the real work begins....

Isn't it going to be BEAUTIFUL!!!!  (I'm doing the happy dance at this moment!)

As of today....he's only been able to finish half the room (well, more like 1/3 of the room)....but tomorrow is the 4th of July and he doesn't go to work....and I'm thinking that in honor of him being a veteran, he will deserve a nice steak on the grill when he takes a lunch break from working on the other half of the floor tomorrow!!! LOLOL

Most of the bulky furniture has been moved to the finished side....leaving him room to work on the last 2/3s of the room.

Jesse James on Kirsten and Tanner on the new floor
Until next time....

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