Monday, July 9, 2012

Can't Keep Up With The Jones

I am sitting here having a hard time typing because I'm laughing so hard.  I just couldn't wait to tell you about this latest "happening". 

I have a very good friend who is planning to participate in the same quilt workshop that I've been telling all of you about.

I wish I could be a little fly on the wall when she happens to sit down and read this blog post. 

My friend and I both are really excited about this adventure and we are acting like little school girls preparing for the first day of class. LOL 

Yesterday I received a message from her with some photos attached of her newest toy....needless to say, it relates to our upcoming quilt class.  She has been worried about how she was going to manage transporting her heavy sewing machine, plus all the supplies required for the day.  Now she doesn't have to worry one little bit....she will be decked out in style, looking like a professional quilter when she strolls into class pulling her new assortment of coordinated travel cases.

Just look at this beautiful stuff!

The main case accommodates her sewing machine....and has all kinds of hidden storage compartments inside and out.

Attached to the back is a case specifically to accommodate her rotary cutting mats and rulers, etc.

Then last, but not least, is the "fat quarter" matching case that will hold all of her fabric pieces and other notions needed.

To top it all off....everything attaches together and is simply pulled along on it's wheels.

Now....why am I laughing so hard!  (I'm not laughing at my friend or her new beautiful travel cases that's for sure!) :) :) :)

I'm laughing because, just the day before, Ray bought me my very own sewing/quilting travel case with wheels and several different compartments for supplies to make it easier for me to transport all of my stuff back and forth during the workshop.....but I hadn't told my friend anything about it.....until NOW.

But let me assure doesn't begin to compare with my friend's new toys.  In fact, I feel fairly certain that NO ONE will have a set up like mine! LOLOL  I can already imagine the expressions on all the faces of the other quilters as I stroll along pulling my goodies behind me.

Just look at this..............................

Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you!!!  For the whopping cost of $24.99 you too could purchase your very own double-decker, plastic Stanley toolbox from your local Home Depot!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

Now let me show off all the special features of MY sewing travel case.....................

First is the bottom toolbox.....the perfect size to safely keep my vintage Singer Featherweight from slipping around inside....with room for the power cord, and a few other odds and ends.

Next is the top toolbox that holds my fancy clear plastic shoebox full of fabric strips, a few rulers, my quilting iron, etc.

And there is a removable tray that fits on top of this toolbox that holds more goodies.....

Then there is the magical, turntable in the center front of the top toolbox....perfect for bobbins, etc. (haven't put anything in here yet)....

Last, but not least, are the flip top compartments on the very top....perfectly sized for thread spools, extra needles, etc.......

Oops....I almost forgot....I will be using a couple of bungee cords to strap on the cutting mat and another plastic container with more fabric pieces to the top of my lovely toolbox so I can roll everything along in one trip!!! LOLOL

You have to admit.....this is TOO funny!!!  The timing couldn't have been more perfect.  My friend had no clue that Ray had given me this wonderful gift....much less the fact that it was the day before her husband gifted her with her new toy. 

So what do you think?  Who will get noticed more when we stroll into our workshop friend with her fancy, smancy sewing travel cases.....or me with my $24.99 Stanley toolbox!!!!!! 

Oh my sides are killing me from all of this laughter!!!!  I better end this post and calm myself down before I need to take off to the bathroom!! :) :)

Life is always entertaining....isn't it??? LOLOLOLOL

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