Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Trunk Show Inspiration Part 2

Hope you enjoyed yesterday's post...and are now ready to see more.

The drooling continues as Bonnie Hunter continued to pull out more and more quilts she has designed and quilted herself.  This lady is AMAZING.  By the way, she is only one year older than I am and I'm trying to figure out how she is able to accomplish so much and I can't!! :):)

Just take a look at these quilts.......

Hawk's Nest from her book: Scraps & Shirttails II
Don't you just love those pops of orange cheddar?  Whenever I see orange....I think of my home state of Tennessee! :)

Rectangle Wrangle from her book: Scraps & Shirttails II
I foresee starting this design in my near future....diamond rectangles surrounded by an Ohio Star border....of course, I want to make them ALL!!!

Zuckerwatte (aka Cotton Candy) from her book: String Fling
As soon as I saw all of this pink starting to unfold, I couldn't help but think of my dear friend Lisa.  I think if I ever had the spare time (yeah, right) to make this for her...I'd have to name it "Barbie Mania".

Normally, we just think of the front/top of our quilts....but I just had to show you what the back of the pink quilt looks like.  Bonnie explained that she used up a stack of her extra, odd quilt blocks that she has accomulated over the years to make the backing.....can you believe this....I just about fell out of my chair when the ladies turned this quilt around....

Back side of pink quilt called Zuckerwatte
I'm actually sitting here at my computer with my mouth hanging open just looking at the picture again!!

Jamestown Landing from her book: String Fling
Blues and beiges look so calm together.  I wonder why I don't really have any blues in my stash of fabrics?  Could it be that I'm not accustomed to "calm"! :) :)

Santa Fe String Star from her book: String Fling
From calm to WILD!  Now this is more descriptive of my life!!!  Dark orange, multi-scrap chaos!! :)

Blue Skies from her book: String Fling
Now we're back to calm again.  I must say...I REALLY love yellows....and this yellow and blue really reaches out to me.

This next and last photo for today's post is a quilt top that Bonnie shared with the group that is still a work in progress.  This is something that she keeps in her bag and works on as she flies from workshop to workshop, etc....completely done by hand.  She has already been working on it for several years and now has only the bottom section left to complete. 

Once again my mouth dropped open...but at the same time my head was thinking.... "Ain't no way!!!  Ain't no way!!!! Ain't no way!!!!"

Hand-sewn Hexies in progress
Here it is zoomed in for a closer look....

Stop in again for the continuing saga of my Bonnie Hunter Quilting Workshop adventure!

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