Thursday, September 6, 2012

Amanda's New Home

It's official.....Amanda spent her first night in her first "home of her own" last night.  I spent the day yesterday crying off and on. :)  I'm very proud of her, and I remember how exciting it was to move out on my own for the first time....but it's still hard on a mama's heart to see her little chicks move out.

Thank goodness she is only 3.6 miles away!! LOLOL  Yes....I set my odometer to see exactly how far it was from my driveway to her driveway!!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOL

She still has lots to do to the inside before she is ready to reveal all of her hard work....but I can go ahead and share some photos of the outside.

This photo was taken from down the street to show the side of the house.  She doesn't have a neighbor on this side....but the house on the other side is very close. :)

Here is her back porch.....

There are street lights all around.....side walks for walking her dog....she is in an established, safe part of town....and the police department AND the fire department are only 1 block away!  I think she is going to be okay.  There is even a nice, little family owned grocery store a short walk behind her....her property line backs up to a church parking lot. ;)

She is thrilled with it and so excited.  It has 2 bedrooms upstairs, and downstairs she has her living room, dining room (she has turned it into a study with desk and bookshelves), eat-in kitchen and bathroom.  She also has a cellar/basement.

It's small, (approx. 1,000 heated square feet), but I think it's perfect for her.  I believe it was built in 1890.  Amanda thinks it's cool that horse-drawn buggies were driven down the street when it was built. It's fun to imagine all the history to the home.  If walls could speak!! :) :)

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