Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Amanda's Living Room Before & After

Here are two photos taken of Amanda's living room BEFORE she started working on it......

Looking at front door - photo taken from staircase leading to bedrooms.

Brown paneling everywhere.......

Looking at coat closet,
on the right -stairs leading to bedrooms
and to the left - entry into study/hobby room.
Now......results of having imagination, vision and a gallon of paint! :) :)

Isn't it precious?  She still isn't finished....but it's well underway.  I believe she is planning to paint/stain the tables a lighter driftwood color and do a frosted glass project to the glass top of the coffee table.  She still has artwork to hang, etc.  Do you see my grand-dogger in the floor....wearing her new pumpkin costume! :)

Another angle....her daddy found the ship artwork at one of the many auctions he now attends.  He also got her the ship wheel (or whatever you call it) hanging on the wall in the other photo from another auction.  The pillows are the set I made....the afghan is one I crocheted for her about 8 or so years ago.  (As of yesterday, she came over and "claimed" a new afghan in ocean blues that I had recently finished and I think she plans to return the pink one to her bedroom....maybe?)  The sofa and love seat are from my front living room....which is now void of furniture. LOL  Once she painted the walls and started placing furniture (and realizing just how small the room truly is)....she batted her puppy dog eyes my way and asked sweetly if she could have my smaller scaled white leather furniture.

Her coffee table and end tables are from a garage sale and the lamps she found at another garage sale for next to nothing.

Across from the sofa is our old big t.v.....which she requested/begged to use....:)  Don't pay attention to the boxes of mini-blinds waiting to be hung...or the extra lamps she is trying to figure out if she will need somewhere in the house.  Remember....she isn't finished completely....but it's getting there! :) :)

The color of her walls are truly an aqua/turquoise...but depending on where you stand and how the sun is coming through....sometimes the walls look more greenish blue.  Either's still beautiful!! :) :)

I'm proud of her and think her "little beach cottage (up North)" is adorable!  I'll reveal another room in a future blog post. :)

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