Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sewing Rooms and Quilt Tops, Oh My!

Amanda ALMOST has all of her stuff moved out of her room and into her own place....which means the reality of me having a true blue dedicated sewing room of my very own is soon happening.

All of the girls came home Sunday for dinner and the Steeler game that evening.  Emily looked in the almost empty room and asked if I was planning to paint the walls or leave them that awful, disgusting bright yellow that we allowed Amanda to use several years ago.  LOLOL  Do you really think I'm going to the trouble of painting the walls at this point?  I think NOT!  Yellow (although it IS a very bright shade of yellow) makes me happy. :)

Too bad Pittsburgh didn't win that night...... :(

Oh well...time to change the subject back to important topics....QUILTS!!!! :)

I finally finished all the blocks needed for the quilt that was started during the workshop I attended back in July.......45 Puss In Boots blocks and 45 Hourglass Stars blocks....

I've had them finished for a week or so but couldn't figure out where I was going to find enough space to start laying them out and deciding what order I wanted them to be.....until I started vacuuming my new sewing room floor.....hhhuuummmmmm......

You have no idea how long this took....trying to make sure that blocks were not placed next to blocks with the same fabrics the wear and tear on my aching back!!!  I literally would lay down one row of blocks and then have to wait an hour before working on the next one. :) :)

I thought the difficult part would be getting the blocks placed in an acceptable order to sew together....NO....the hard part was then deciding what fabric I would use as a border AROUND these 90 - 8 1/2 inch quilt blocks!!!!

There is to be a narrow border around the entire 90 center blocks.... there will be an additional border that is made up of 4 1/2 inch hourglass blocks....then I will possibly place one last border (using the same fabric as the first narrow border) to complete the quilt.

Deciding which fabric to use took 2 days to decide.....I would walk into the room, then walk around the quilt and concentrate on what fabric looked best.  I sent photos over the phone to my friend Marianne for her opinion.  I had each family member give me their opinion.

The winning fabric....miraculously by a unanimous vote is:

What a I can get everything off the floor and start moving my sewing stuff in.....I'm started to suffer from "sewing withdrawals!"  LOL

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