Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Amanda's Kitchen Before & After

Let me explain from the beginning that Amanda is not completely finished with her kitchen yet...she still has plans to remove the old wallpaper and paint...and paint over any remaining paneling.

BUT....I just had to show you what a HUGE difference simply painting the cabinets made to this once little dark kitchen.

The kitchen "before"....

Amanda admits that painting kitchen cabinets is not an easy job....very time consuming to get it right.  She painted inside and out.  She even painted the hardware!

The kitchen "after"......

Do you spot the pineapple salt & pepper shakers in the
bottom right corner of the photo?  Another gift from her little
sister Kirsten.  They now have a little joke between them about "pineapples".
I foresee many future years of Kirsten slowly adding funny
pineapple items to Amanda's home. :) 

She isn't sure if she plans to tackle the walls soon or wait until she isn't hanging things on the walls until she finishes or decides to wait.  Plus...she still has the two bedrooms that she is currently working on.  I believe she plans to save the bathroom as her last project as it surprisingly needs the least amount of work.

She is having so much fun settling into "living on her own".  She is planning meals (has already hosted one dinner party).  She is clipping coupons and planning her grocery lists.  She loves fresh flowers (as you can see in the photo).  She even called me to let me know that she had paid all of her first bills....that excitement will wear off soon I'm sure! LOL

On a serious note....she genuinely seems at peace and content with her life, happy and excited to see what each new day brings.  What more could a mom hope for her child? be young again!! :) :) :) :) :) :)

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