Monday, January 7, 2013

Bonding Time with Kirsten

Time to play some "catch-up" with this blog.  I had to wait until after Christmas to post much of what I've been up to in order to not ruin any surprises for family members. :)

Kirsten decided that she wanted to make a few home-made gifts this year.  I'm very happy that at least ONE of my four daughters is willing to do some sort of crafting.  There's still hope...I'll just keep bugging them until I turn them all into sewaholics like myself.

Our code word was "bonding".  We couldn't tell anyone what she was making because she was trying to make everyone in the family the same thing.  Each time her grandmother called and asked what we were doing that day...our answer was always "just bonding". heeheee

Only a 15 year old girl could sit like this and actually accomplish anything!!

She decided to make 2-layer fleece blankets, 60" x 72".  It's a great project for teenagers.  You simply take two coordinating pieces of fleece, lay them "wrong sides" together, then using a rotary cutter trim fringe and tie knots to hold the two pieces together.

This project started out small...but she had so much fun that she kept adding names to her Christmas gift list.  I didn't have the heart to tell her that she was causing me to go broke purchasing the supplies each time she wanted to make more. haahaa

The gifts were a HUGE hit with everyone who received one and she was so happy with herself.  The pride she took in making the gifts was well worth the expense!!!!

She made the blue solar system for her brother-in-law Greg and the tan Air Force fighter plane for her nephew Austin.

The butterfly blanket was made for her Grandma B. and the red football blanket was made for her Grandpa B.

The tan and black bear blanket was for her uncle Tim and the red guitars was for her uncle Gene.

The purple monkey was for her niece Abbi, and the turquoise and brown trees with doves was for her aunt Debbie.

The purple and black flowers was for her sister Shannon and the turquoise winter penguins was for her nephew Liam.

She made two identical black and gold football blankets for her sisters Amanda and Emily (Pittsburgh Steeler colors) and she made a second turquoise penguin for Amanda's friend and room mate Trish.

A picture of one happy and proud young lady!

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