Tuesday, January 15, 2013

TN Waltz blocks, Batman & Shrimp Fried Rice

Until I find all my other projects....I'm working on the only project I have run across so far...and that is my Tennessee Waltz quilt. :)

I need 32 of these blocks....and since the weekend I have completed 13!  Yippee!!!

I'll keep you posted on the progress. :)

After my last post in which I showed the child's Batman cape I finished as a last minute Christmas gift....I was excited to receive some photos of the child who received it (wearing it, of course!).

Batman was REALLY a common theme this year.  My youngest three daughters are Batman fanatics also.  This was what it looked like at my own house Christmas morning. :)

Too bad the photo doesn't show their Batman Boots (house shoes) with gold capes hanging from the back of the boots. LOLOL  And just in case anyone questions their ages....from left to right....20, 20 and 15 years of age. :)

After sewing on my Tennessee Waltz blocks yesterday morning, lunch time came quicker than I anticipated.  Kirsten and I both were starving and I knew I needed to feed her well since we would be heading to her basketball game at 3:30.  A girl needs fuel to play basketball!

After looking through the refrigerator and not seeing anything interesting....I spotted left-over white rice from when we had Chinese take-out a few nights ago.

Huuuummmmm.....maybe I'll make my own fried rice....so out came the Wok. :)

A dollop of olive oil and some chopped onion (my goodness...I LOVE the smell of onions cooking...SERIOUSLY!!!)

Stuck my nose in the freezer and found a small bag of frozen "salad" shrimp....into the Wok they go...

They are already cooked....so just need to heat them up so they are no longer frozen! LOL

While the shrimp is heating up....I grabbed my bag of frozen mixed veggies (I try to keep huge bags on hand to throw into soups, pot-pies, etc.).  I dumped about 2 cups of veggies in a bowl with a dollop of water and quickly microwaved them until they were crisp tender.  Then they got thrown into the Wok as well....

Sprinkled some "Accent" seasoning, pepper and a tid bit of sugar over the top......then the cold left-over white rice got thrown in the mix....

As the warms up and gets stirred into the mess.....I see that I have some packets of soy sauce left over.  There's no need to use my bottle of soy sauce when I've got these (better than throwing them away...I can't stand waste). :)

Now only one last ingredient and then my masterpiece is complete!  EGGS!  Just drop a couple in and start stirring so they cook.

Once you see the egg has cooked....it's finished!

OH MY GOODNESS.....awesome, deliciousness!!!! LOLOL

Kirsten said it tasted better than any she had ever had from a restaurant....so it must really be good if she was impressed also! :)

****The only problem (which really WON'T be a problem)....is I now have tons of left-over Shrimp Fried Rice made from left-overs! LOLOLOLOL

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