Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Craziness and Light Bulb Moments

I know I'm crazy.  Everyone I meet thinks I'm crazy.  My mind is constantly "thinking up stuff".... sometimes I worry that my thinking has gone too far. :)

Let me explain.....

I've been trying to work on my quilt blocks that were started at the workshop two weeks ago (WOW...has it only been two weeks!!!) mind started to wander there for a second but I'm in control again. LOL

My Singer Featherweight has enjoyed a place of honor on my kitchen table this entire time (except for the one evening it took to make the dog bed).  Do I get to sit and sew non-stop throughout my days on earth....I think NOT!  I'm a busy wife, mother, multiple dog owner, chief cook, laundress, taxi driver, homeschool teacher and I crochet and sew preemie sized clothing for donation through our ministry called Grandma's Promise.  Basically, what this boils down to is the fact that my sewing spurts are exactly that...SPURTS.  I carry a load of laundry downstairs and get it started, I come back upstairs, I sit and sew a few triangles or squares together, then I open the door to let the dogs out, then I sit back down and sew a couple more pieces, then I go open the door to let the dogs back inside, then I sit and sew a few pieces, then the laundry is ready to be transferred to the dryer....I think you get the picture. 

So, what have I been up to the last little bit?  Well, last week I was able to finish sewing up the 696 individual triangles which resulted in the 174 hour glass center blocks needed.  Of course, this meant I was ironing all of these seams also.  

But over the past weekend and into this week, I've been sewing together the 180 flying geese segments needed for the blocks called "Hour Glass Star" required for the quilt top.

This means I had to sew 180 little triangles (or we could call them "wings")  to the RIGHT side of the center triangle (we can call the "goose"). LOL

And don't forget we have to press this right wing open before sewing on the 180 little triangles (or "wings") to the left side of the "goose"!!!

Then press again....

And I almost forgot to mention that we also have to trim off the "dog ear" points once pieces are sewn together.....

Which leads into my light bulb moment....literally....that also proves I'm completely crazy!!!!!!!

As I'm sitting at my kitchen table, in front of my sewing machine, happily trimming "dog ears"....

I just happen to glance down into my cute little, handy, dandy, "snip-it" bag that contains all of my clipped threads and "dog ears"....

I start thinking....."aren't all the colorful little snippets adorable?"

Then I have to actually touch them....

My little bag actually has quite a collection of these little pops of color....I don't want to throw them away....what can I do with them.....hummmmmmmmm

Be prepared....light bulb moment has arrived......I wonder if I could take a clear glass Christmas ornament and stuff these little boogers inside and create an adorable, colorful, warm, ornament.  Maybe I'll even have enough from this particular quilt to fill one glass ornament, then I could use a pretty marking pen to write the year and name of the quilt the scraps came from as a "memory ornament"!!!!!!!

What do you think?  Does it sound like it might work?  Do you think the idea has potential? 

You know what this means, don't you?  I will be watching for the next 50% off coupon for Michael's Craft Store and buying a clear glass Christmas ornament to give it a try and see if it works!!! 

Until next time.......

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