Friday, August 17, 2012

HOORAAY! Amanda's Quilt is FINISHED!!

I was tired of looking over and seeing that mountain of binding that's been laying around for days now.  I dreaded the process of "getting started" but I knew it must be done, plus from past experience I know that if I will ever just START, then it isn't as bad as I've been contemplating it will be. :)

I know this technique is backwards from what we are always taught, but when using the bi-level top-stitch pressure foot....instructions say to sew the binding on the back of the quilt first.

By the way, I was ready to do the "happy dance" when for the first time that I can remember, I was actually able to attach both ends of the binding together (when they meet back up after sewing all around the quilt), on the diagonal PERFECTLY the FIRST TIME!!!!  No ripping out and doing over needed this time! LOLOL

Then the fun part....folding the binding over and sewing it to the front.  This step went better than past experiences also.  Normally I sit and pin (or clamp) the binding in place and then sew it down.  This time I just used my fingers to hold it in place a little at a time as I slowly went around the entire 360 inches of the quilt edge.  I may have sewed slower, but the actual application went smoothly and ripping out seams required! :)

The entire process was practically flawless.  Using this pressure foot, and a reversed applique stitch, the sewing machine was able to imitate a hand-sewn look to the binding.  For someone like me...someone who really dislikes just can't get any better than this!!! LOLOL

Before letting Amanda know it was finished, I had to go spread it out on my own bed once and just savor the feeling of accomplishment for a few minutes.

And of course, I had to turn it over and get a good look at the back also......

I'm happy!

Amanda's happy too!!!!  She LOVES it!  She feels it has a fun, soft, shabby chic, cottage look about it and she's also thrilled that it is so HUGE. :) :) :)

I was not blogging when I finished Emily's I thought I'd post a couple of pictures of her quilt to prove that I have been fair with my twin daughters! LOLOL

While Amanda's quilt is a Giant Pin-Wheel in orange, yellow and mint green.....

Emily's is an Irish Chain in red and creamy/olive green.....

The back....

Oops....I guess I'm not completely finished with Amanda's gift after all. :(  I have one other little project left before it will be equal with Emily.  I just have to find the second copy of the photo that I printed on fabric two years ago and use the scraps from Amanda's quilt to make her a memory pillow for her high school graduation (the reason I made this quilt to begin with).

****For anyone who missed this information earlier....I started both Emily's and Amanda's quilts as high school graduation gifts at the same time, in 2010.  I completed Emily's first because she was leaving for college and I wanted her to take it with her.  I then completed Amanda's quilt top and the very week I had intended to sandwich it together and complete the quilting and binding....I fell and broke my right elbow and tore the rotator cuff in my right shoulder.  It has taken nearly two years for me to regain the strength and flexibility in my right arm to tackle the job of completing Amanda's quilt.  It is LONG OVER-DUE....and bless her heart, she has been so understanding.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

After this, I think I may take a day off from sewing....or not! :)

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