Monday, August 6, 2012

Lucy & Ethel Quilting Adventures Part 4

Well, I believe it's time to "wrap up" our fun time at the quilting workshop.  It was bittersweet to pack up our sewing machines and say goodbye to Bonnie Hunter and all the other new quilting friends we had met.

As Marianne was driving back to our hotel, she asked if I would like to stop at the local quilt shop in Wellsboro, PA that we had heard nice things about...before they closed for the day.  Well, OF COURSE I wanted to stop by the quilt shop....why would I pass up an opportunity to look at fabrics!! LOL

As we walked down the sidewalk and neared the shop door, we noticed an antique baby buggy outside filled with bolts of fabric.  What?????  Does that little sign say "CLEARANCE"?!?!?!?!  I don't know who made it to the baby buggy first, me or Marianne, but soon our arms were loaded with NICE fabrics marked down at least 75%. :)

We found a couple more sale items inside the store, enjoyed "dreaming" of future projects in which we could use these new fabrics, chatted with the sales staff and all the other quilters we already knew.  (Yes, Marianne and I were first, but a slow trickle of ladies started entering the shop that had been at the quilt workshop....I guess all quilters think alike....or maybe we just all love to shop!:)

Once we were back in our hotel room, Marianne caught me smelling my new fabric. 

Yes, SMELLING my new fabric.  I do that quite often! LOLOL  The smell of new fabric makes me happy!  I honestly don't think at that point in time that Marianne had ever thought to do something this weird. 

But later that evening, when she thought I was doing something else....I caught her sitting on the sofa doing the exact same glad I had my camera in my pocket!

Does it smell good Marianne????   LOLOLOLOLOL

As this saga comes to an end...I will leave everyone with photos of the quilt blocks made by others attending the workshop.  I always enjoy seeing how different everything looks based on the fabrics we choose.

The workshop saga may have ended, but this blog certainly has not.  So continue to check in with me and see what is keeping me busy! :)

Until next time.....happy quilting!!!!

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