Sunday, August 12, 2012

Pillows & Flooring & Repairs, Oh MY!

To say we've had a busy weekend is an understatement by far!  On Friday, the original plans were for the entire family to go to Ray's company "family day" picnic from 4pm - 8pm.  The weather was yukky (rain and storms) so we opted out of the picnic. :)  The rain gave Ray the perfect excuse to go to another auction (his new favorite hobby).

I spent the evening sewing more dog bed pillows.  As I started to put away the fabric the other day after Amanda made my new grand-dogger a new bed....I decided that my own (much smaller) dogs deserved some new beds also.  So, before I carried the huge box of poly-fil back downstairs, and put away the flannel fabric....I quickly put together a few......

I made them the perfect size to fit in their bedtime kennels.  Tanner likes his so much that he jumped right in and took a nap..... (yes, the blue painters tape is STILL on the walls from when Ray painted the baseboards a month or so ago!!)   LOL

Speaking of Ray and his "honey-do list".  I've been asking him to remove the carpet in the living room for some time now.  He decided to tackle the removal of the carpet yesterday morning. 

When we purchased the home six years ago, the realtor said that the parkay wood flooring in our dining area carried on into the living room. The condition of the dining room floor is okay....not great, but not terrible either.  At this point, I figured I would be happier with "okay" parkay wood floors then the current old, stained carpet.  I assumed the flooring in the living room would be the same, if not better.  WRONG!!! LOL

NOW we know why the previous owner had put carpet on the floors!  I could have handled scratched, scuffed, stained, gouged, yukky wood flooring......but.....we weren't exactly prepared to find THIS!  LOLOLOLOL

The entire center of the room was MISSING the wood flooring!!!!  Yep, that's right....MISSING!!!!

I laughed until I cried....this is SO typical for us....just another day in the life of "if it can go wrong, it will".  There's no need to be upset, it is what it is....but the dogs are a little confused! :) 

Even in places where the parkay is still is a danger zone....just look.....

I'm really surprised that I'm not upset....but I'm truly not! :)  We will just have to deal with it for a while (probably a LONG while) until we save up enough to put new flooring down.  It's a good thing Ray already knows how to do it....he will be a pro by the time this house is ever put back together! :) :)

As Ray finished the carpet removal, I had to leave and head to Ithaca, NY about an hour away.  I had enrolled to take a Singer Featherweight basic repair class at the Quilter's Corner fabric shop.  A few months ago Ray had brought home a 1947 Singer Featherweight from an auction to add to my collection.  The motor ran but I couldn't get it to sew a stitch. 

During the class, I surprised myself!  I took that baby completely apart (parts literally laying all around me), cleaned up all the years of goop accumulated inside, cleaned, oiled and lubricated everything, put it back together, tweaked the tension and a few other little things.  (Even cleaned and polished the outside.) not only worked....but it sews like a dream with a perfect, pretty stitch.  The motor purrs like a kitten.  It runs quieter and sounds better than the one I took to a repairman to have serviced!  :)  I feel EMPOWERED!!!  I am woman, hear me ROAR! :) :) :)

And the best part?  I ended up saving quite a bit of money!  The class fee was $20.00 and I repaired it myself.  My local repairman charges $85.00 for general servicing. 

Ray actually acted impressed with my accomplishments and said he was proud of me!! :) :)  I think he was most impressed with the money I ended up saving by learning to do it myself. LOL

Look at my pretty, shiny 1947 Featherweight....

I plan to teach Kirsten to use this machine.  We already have several projects in mind to keep her busy this school year. 

Now for a day of rest!

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