Friday, August 3, 2012

Lucy & Ethel Quilting Adventures Part 3

At this point in our adventure, we've survived being lost, being late, learning helpful tips, sewing, a fire alarm, evacuation of the building, lunch in the sun and more fun.....

As the afternoon progresses, I grabbed the first opportunity that presented itself to have a picture of me and Marianne taken with quilt guru Bonnie K. Hunter.  I would have really been upset if we had forgotten to do this in all the chaos happening. :) :)

And we certainly didn't want to forget to have her sign the quilt labels (as designer) for the backs of our quilts when we finish them.

Once all the "important" stuff was taken care of, we made our way back to our sewing machines with the intention of sewing up a storm on our blocks the rest of the afternoon.

The steady hum of a couple dozen sewing machines was so relaxing.....


Not again!!!!......

FIRE ALARM (for the second time that day!!!!!!!)

Seriously!!!  No one wanted to leave the building this time, but the "powers that be" insisted!  Don't these MEN understand that we're wasting precious workshop time!!!!! I wasn't really scared, just frustrated.  I didn't even carry everything outside with me this time....oh....and yes, I can take a serious picture if I'm forced....

And of course, let's not forget Marianne....always calm, cool and collected.  She wouldn't pose crazy for the camera like I did. LOL

After TOO much time had passed by...we're finally allowed back inside the building.

Then the most horrible announcement was made.....the manager of the building we were using for the workshop was now demanding that we unplug and turn off ALL IRONS!!!!!  (He was tired of telling the local Fire Department that it was a false alarm!)  You know this HAD to be a MAN....because he OBVIOUSLY had not clue about how important irons are to quilters!!!!!!

Just imagine the looks of horror on everyone's faces....and you know that the thought on everyone's minds at that exact moment was... "HOW CAN WE SEW TOGETHER QUILT BLOCKS WITHOUT PRESSING THE SEAMS!!!!!!!!"

I wish I had thought to get a photo of what happened next.... these innovative ladies grabbed a few ironing boards, extension cords and irons....and off they strutted out the back door to the patio area and set up make-shift ironing stations in the direct sun!!!! LOLOLOL

Progress was slower now, but we all did the best we could.

Take a look at Marianne's blocks....I just LOVE all the reds she is using.  I don't know if she was just shy or what, but I don't remember catching her with her blocks spread out so everyone could see how pretty the finished product was going to look. :)

I'm not shy (LOL)....I had mine spread out so I could see it starting to take shape.  I'm not completely crazy about my dark chocolate brown choice (in the corner)....but Bonnie assured me it made the quilt look warm and inviting.  I AM happy with my goldish-orange bursts of color in my star points.  Everything else in the center blocks are scraps of every color imaginable.

Our instructor, Bonnie, had one more demonstration to show us....something to help us put together our flying geese blocks easier.  I ended up stuck in the back of the group and couldn't see what was going on or hear what she was saying that well either...but I noticed Marianne was right up front with an eagle eye view of what was taking place and hearing the instructions.  So I calmed down, knowing I could depend on Marianne to share all the wisdom that was being shared at that moment.

Well....maybe not! LOLOL

Once we got back to our sewing stations, I looked at Marianne and said "Marianne, what did Bonnie say about how to assemble our flying geese blocks better?"

Marianne looks up at me and says... "Uuhh, I don't remember a word she said, but I DID take pictures of everything she was doing."  :)  :)  :)

Now....dear readers of this blog.....I have a serious question to ask of you....I want you to please take a look at the pictures below and the first person who can explain to me (seriously) what Bonnie is teaching us....will win a prize....not sure what....but something....

Would you like to know exactly what I learned from these photos?

I no longer depend on Marianne to teach me what I missed because I was too short to see around all the tall people.  LOLOLOLOL  From now on, I know to weasel my way up front if I want to learn something!!!!  

With so much going wrong and all the hilarious, hard to believe things taking place...I'm wondering if we need to just give up on this idea of quilting and take up knitting..... :)

On that note....I will close today's post. :)  Check back in for more photos and stories of our adventure.  Don't does eventually come to an end!!! :) :) LOLOLOL

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