Thursday, August 9, 2012

NO She DIDN'T!!!!!!!

What have I been up to?  At this point, I can say that all 360 half-square triangles are now sewn together.....180 brown triangles to 180 neutral triangles = 180 2-1/2" squares....

....and I do mean simply sewn together. :)

Are the "dog ears" trimmed?  NO

Have they been ironed?  NO

Have they been cut and separated from each other (because of continuous chain feed sewing)?  NO

Just sewn together...

I naively thought I was moving forward at a pretty good pace....but alas, I learned that I was in for a rude awakening.

Why do you sense such sadness in my post today?  (LOL)

It's because I am in SHOCK!  While I have been slaving away, putting as much time as I can possibly squeeze out of my days into sewing.....with still SO MUCH to do.....

SOMEBODY I know has obviously set a goal to "beat me".......

I received a "picture mail" on my cell phone and when I opened it up to view, this is what appeared before my weary eyes.....

Sweet, calm, cool and collected Marianne has completely finished the blocks needed for the center of her quilt she JUST STARTED TWO WEEKS AGO AT THE QUILT WORKSHOP!!!!!

Okay...okay....I need to be serious for a moment.  Isn't it BEAUTIFUL!!!  I'm so proud of her!  I'm just in awe of the use of her "scraps" and the color placement.  Can you see the pattern that has evolved...whether by accident or design, simply in how she chose to place the individual blocks?  Do you see the stars coming down the center of the quilt with hour glass centers in purples and then how they "burst" out from the center extending to all four corners?  The purples, blues, greens, neutrals, and of course the spectacular reds all fit and compliment each other...makes me think of tons of cousins at a family reunion! :) :) :)

GREAT JOB MARIANNE!  So...I've been you want to trade quilt tops??? LOLOLOL

I'm sure that everyone else reading this blog will be just as excited as I will be to see the finished product....when she adds the border and additional blocks, etc.

BRAVO Marianne!

By the way...I truly am sewing as fast as I can....but don't expect any miracles now coming from my direction with photos of a completed quilt top any time soon!!!!! :) LOLOL

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