Friday, January 31, 2014

Full Day - Enlarged Split 9 Patch Ideas

For the first time in weeks I felt warm today (made it to the upper 20's, rather than single digits) and it gave me a burst of energy....not too big a burst, but enough to clean the bathroom from top to bottom. :)  I spent time paying bills, washing a couple loads of laundry and even changed the sheets on the bed!

I so appreciate those of you who shared your opinions on my last blog post and plan to allow a few more days for any other opinions to come in before making a decision on how to finish my Design Challenge quilt.

In the meantime, I continue to play in my sewing room.

My Leader/Ender Split 9-Patch rows are no longer simply webbed together.  It's completely sewn and only needs borders added.  YIPPEE!  A total of 144 blocks!  Whew!

To get full instructions from Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville website, go HERE.

Several people have commented that they really like the layout but have no interest whatsoever in using small 6 1/2"  blocks (made up of 2 1/2" squares and triangles) as I did using Bonnie Hunter's pattern.  One person wondered what it would look like using a 12 1/2" unfinished block (made by cutting 4 1/2" squares and triangles).

After playing with my EQ7 software (SO happy my dear hubby gave this to me for Christmas), this is the results.....

Option 1:

In this option, you would only need to make 36 - 12 1/2" blocks.  Blocks would be placed 6 across and 6 down.  To get a 96" x 96" quilt, simply add a 4" inner border (cut 4 1/2" strips) and an additional 8" outer border (cut 8 1/2" strips).

Option 2:

This option allows more of the "design" to shine through but it requires 64 - 12 1/2" blocks.  Blocks would be placed 8 across and 8 down.  Without any borders, this will give you a 96" x 96" quilt top.  In the diagram above, I added a narrow 2" border, which makes the final measurement 100" x 100".

On another subject....

Unlike so many others who started and have already finished Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt called "Celtic Solstice"....I started and am slowly but surely plodding along like an old turtle.

There's no rush and I'm happy doing it on my own pace.  Maybe I was being a tad ambitious planning to make the king size version, but it's good to live dangerously once in a while.  I WILL complete the king size eventually! :) :)

So far, Clue 1 is finished.  Concerning Clue 2, I have 60 completed Chevron blocks and ONLY need to make 84 more before moving on to Clue 3. :)

I think I'll head back to my sewing room and work on a few more chevron blocks before bedtime.

Until next time!

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  1. Your leader/ender quilt is so pretty.