Thursday, January 30, 2014

Opinions Requested - Design Challenge

Would you mind giving your opinion on the finishing border for my Design Challenge Quilt?

First Choice - simple borders, inner border would be 1 1/2" finished (cutting 2" strips), and outer border would be 3" finished (cutting 3 1/2" strips).  Final quilt top measurement = 69" x 72"

Second Choice - a little bit fancier, using four of the remaining challenge blocks as the corner squares (each corner block would be different - use your imagination), side borders would be 1 1/2" strip (cut 2"), next to a 3" strip (cut 3 1/2"), next to another 1 1/2" strip (cut 2").  Final quilt top measurement = 72" x 75"

Either of the two above layouts will make a nice sized lap/sofa quilt.

Originally, I had planned to make one more row of house and tree blocks to result in a full size bed quilt. The final measurement, had I done this would have been 78" x 96".  It would have looked something like this....

The main reason I changed my original plans from a bed size to a lap size was because the blocks I was given to use in this Design Challenge ended up looking so dark.  (The mock-ups above use much lighter block examples in the middle of each house.)

Reminder of what the TRUE blocks look like....

What would YOU do?

Option 1?
Option 2?
Or would you search through your stash to see if you could find enough similar fabrics to make another entire row of blocks and make a bed size quilt after all?

Thanks for the help!!!!!!!


  1. I like the simplicity of Option 1. Your design is very clever! Cute use of the challenge squares. I don't think you need a complicated border.

  2. I originally thought Number 1 but the more I look at it Number 2 looks more complete. As I go back and look at Number 1 I want more! You have made a great job of using up the original blocks.

  3. I like option 2. I do like the looks of the quilt with one more row but if you are like me and don't need another bed size quilt I would stick with the throw. No matter what you do it's going to be beautiful!

  4. My first thought was that I like the simplicity of Option 1. And then I scrolled down and saw that Capi uses those exact same words! So I agree totally with Capi.

  5. I vote for Option 1. The extra design elements of Option 2 take some of the focus away from the center of the quilt and for my taste, make it too busy. Great quilt; love, love, love it! Thank you for sharing it with us.

  6. To Capi, Marls, Claudia E, Kathy, and Wilda K - THANK YOU for sharing your opinions. I'm going to give it a few more days to allow others to voice their thoughts. In the meantime, I may poke around and see if adding another row of blocks is even an option. I may even work on a few other projects needing my attention. :)