Monday, February 11, 2013

Autumn Shoo Fly

What do you plan to do when a huge snow storm is heading your way?  You SEW!  This plan works as long as you don't lose electricity and thank goodness we didn't lose power this time.

The storm arrived Friday afternoon and continued through Saturday evening for us.  We got off pretty easy compared to those in the New England area.  We ended up with about 10 - 12 inches.  (Taller than most of my doggies!)

As I was looking through old quilting magazines, I ran across a pattern that I had dog-eared...something I hoped to make one day.  The magazine was a McCall's Quick Quilting from 2010.

I looked through my stash of fabrics to see if I had something that would work.

I think the directions called for 36 strips of different coordinating fabrics that were cut 2 1/2" wide.  I must say that Jelly Rolls (pre-cut strips) are wonderful (as long as you don't pay any where near full price for them that is....and you know me....that "ain't gonna happen". LOL  In all honesty, the massive amount of cutting involved during quilting is hard on my back, shoulder and whenever possible, using pre-cuts is a tremendous help for me.

All of those beautiful strips, paired with one other fabric resulted in this....

I just love the colors and think it turned out gorgeous!  It is 60" square, which would be considered lap size.  I'm seriously considering enlarging it to a bed size.  If I do, I thought that maybe I would repeat the Shoo Fly block design, maybe in a 10" size block and make enough to assemble a border around the entire quilt.  Then, if more length or width is needed, I can just add a simple border around the smaller border of Shoo Fly blocks.

Until I decide, for now it has been neatly pressed and is hanging in my closet of quilt tops needing that final stage of actual quilting to complete them.

This project kept me busy Friday and Saturday....just wait until you hear what I did yesterday (Sunday).  That will have to wait on the next blog post.

Happy Sewing!

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