Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Production Line Sewing & Other Stuff

It certainly has been busy in my sewing room the past couple of days.  I've been working on a couple more Birthday Swap Blocks (will share in a future post)...and there's several different quilt projects in the works...but all that came to a grinding halt for something else more important.

Most of you are aware of my little side project called Grandma's Promise (supplying Angel/Bereavement Ensembles to hospital NICU's, etc) fact, some of you that keep up with this blog are big contributors to Grandma's Promise by sewing and crocheting the items we need.

Last Wednesday I made a trip to a hospital here in New York to deliver 30 complete ensembles.  Then on Thursday (not even 24 hours later) I received a call from a second hospital in New York.  Someone from the first hospital had called someone at the second hospital and told them what a wonderful service Grandma's Promise is providing to families who suffer the loss of a pre-term infant.  This second hospital asked if we could start donating to them also.  Then the next day (Friday), I received an e-mail from a hospital in Tennessee who had received a previous donation from us.  They wanted to let us know that their supply is running low and they are in need of more ensembles.

So I am busy...along with all of the other little elves that craft for Grandma's Promise. :)

Currently I am sewing up preemie gowns, assembly line fashion. :)  Still have many more to go....

While I was cleaning off a spot to start cutting out the gowns to sew...I saw one little project that I needed to do (it took all of 3 minutes) before I accidentally tossed away what I needed.

Remember the Scrappy Trip Around the World crib quilt top I showed you a few posts ago?

Well, I took the scraps from this quilt and made another Christmas Ornament to store along with the quilt (once I finish the quilting part of it).  I've always given each of my children and grandchildren a new Christmas ornament each year...just a tradition I started and now can't stop! :)  So, since I plan to keep this quilt to give to a future grandchild...I will now have that future baby's "First Christmas" Ornament from Grandma. :) :)  I'll just wait and write the name and year on the ornament when the time comes.

One last thing....when I made the delivery of the Angel Ensembles last week to the of the nurses that had heard about us, brought a few bags of her scrap fabrics left over from numerous projects.  She said that most of the fabric wouldn't be appropriate to actually use for Grandma's Promise items, but she wanted to give it all to me anyway.

Just look!

I've got things to do see you later! :)

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