Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

I wouldn't complain whatsoever if I received a box of assorted quilting threads for Valentine's Day!  :) :) :)

This week I've received boxes in the mail filled with handcrafted preemie baby items to be donated through Grandma's Promise.  There's plenty of work to be done there...but I have to take breaks and do other things in between getting Angel Ensembles packaged up and ready to be delivered.  Some days it's harder than other days to work with the preemie ensembles.   This is a hard time for me, and for all I know it may last a little while.  In just a few short weeks, my grandchildren will be celebrating their 1st birthday...only it won't be here on earth with us...their party will be in Heaven.  I guess I'm just grieving the loss of what should have, could have, would have been if they were still here with us.

My sewing room helps me cope with this ache in my heart.

I've been working on a few blocks that are a part of a Block of the Month quilt top pattern....

Ooohh....I finished up another old spool of thread!  Yippee!!!

As I'm playing around with piecing these blocks together, I'm also working on constructing the quilt top from the Bonnie Hunter workshop I attended back in the summer.  All the blocks are finished...I'm now slowly but surely sewing the blocks together into rows.  There are ALOT of blocks!!!!

I wonder what it would be like if I was a quilt project at a time type quilter...instead of a 100 different projects going at the same time type of quilter.  Aaaahhhh....I can't even imagine imagination isn't that big!!! :) :) :)  I'm off to the sewing room........

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