Sunday, February 3, 2013

Birthday Blocks going to Nevada!

Another birthday is coming up for someone in my Birthday Block Swap group.  She asked for her block colors to be in Hunter greens, all purples and creams.

Time to experiment making a couple new block designs.

Hummm...maybe I should be explaining how to make all of these blocks in case someone wants to learn along with me.   If I did that, you could learn to assemble new blocks using your own color choices and by the end of the year have enough blocks to assemble a bed size sampler quilt top of your very own.  If so...let me know.  Just send an e-mail to or to my personal email address for those of you who have that already.

This first block was really easy to put's called "Tic Tac Toe"....

The second block was a tad bit more involved but was fun nonetheless.  I just had to sit and think about it a few times during assembly to make sure I had each piece turned in the right direction. :)

It's called...."Cross Keys"...

These two lovelies are now on their way to Nevada.

On a side you remember when I mentioned that I'm being very frugal this year and one of my "money saving" decisions is to use up old, half-used spools of thread as I sew.  Well...I finished off another spool of thread.  This one has to be really old...just look at the price!!!! LOLOL

35 CENTS!!!!  Can you believe it?!?!?  Oh well...I feel good about emptying another is being tossed into my big can of empty spools that will eventually be used for crafts...or go to my baby brother who uses them in the construction of his numerous, weird "inventions". LOLOLOL

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